Zombie Panic! Source Achievements

Here is the full list of all 106 Zombie Panic! Source achievements.

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  • Propaholic

    As a Zombie, destroy 150 breakable props.

  • Deconstruction

    As a Zombie, destroy 50 barricades.

  • Food Inspector

    As the Carrier, use your spotting ability on 100 different survivors.

  • Special Meat

    As a Survivor, be spotted by a Carrier 45 times.

  • Die Hard

    As a Survivor, get hit by 4 different zombies and survive the round.

  • Dr. Salk

    As a Survivor, heal a total of 25 survivors with the white or red inoculator.

  • Borrowed Time

    As a Survivor, delay someone's infection with a green inoculator.

  • 1$ THi$ W0Rk1n/

    Do a total of 600 damage with a keyboard.

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