World to the West Achievements

Here is the full list of all 36 World to the West achievements.

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  • Founder's Settling

    She laid the roots of her greatest masterpiece.

  • Faithful Disciples

    Four wise diciples gathered under her word.

  • Faithful Mictlan and Xinu

    Mictlan loved death and life, and Xinu loved future and past.

  • Faithful Chal and Tlaloc

    Chal and Tlaloc loved rain, sun and sky, and each other even more.

  • The Blue Fruit

    Then at last the founders' work bore fruit, and in that she had great hope.

  • The Blue Boon

    Through the essence blue, it might grant endless life.

  • The Blue Bane

    But the truth of this boon, was yet to be revealed.

  • Changing Mind

    In time, her mind grew powerful, but her thoughts grew dark and grim.

  • Changing Ruler

    The keeper of time, her most trusted one, was appointed in her stead.

  • Changing Rule

    Xinu ruled as best he could, and the people flourished.

  • Spreading Dissent

    Of the disciples, one felt that his counsel was much overlooked.

  • Spreading Eternity

    And he gave the disciples the fruits from the founder's tree.

  • Spreading Despair

    Alone on his throne, Xinu now felt despair descend.

  • Contemplate Future

    He worried for the future, what was to be his final fate?

  • See Future

    A lens he crafted, to see the threads of times unfold.

  • Dread Future

    Through the lens, Xinu saw only ruin and despair.

  • Xinu's Plea

    He brought his vision to the founder, and pleaded for her to return.

  • Xinu's Labour

    Together they toiled, attempting to change their people's fate.

  • Xinu's Fall

    The land became neglected as the great task commenced.

  • Empire's Decline

    Their beloved people fell by the wayside, forgotten.

  • Empire's Ruin

    Mictlan's most dreaded vision was now complete.

  • Empire's Revolt

    Mictlan, Chal and Tlaloc moved to cast Xinu from his throne.

  • Sudden Flight

    The founder fled in the chaos, never seen again.

  • Sudden Death

    Mictlan, in his anger, struck Xinu down, his endless life now ended.

  • Sudden Fury

    Horrified at the brutality, Chal and Tlaloc railed.

  • Mictlan's Sin

    Chal was shocked by Mictlan's action, and she bade Tlaloc act.

  • Michlan's Bane

    They had the people take Mictlan, and punish him for his deed.

  • Michlan's Fate

    So Mictlan rotted in the dark, while Chal and Tlaloc ruled.

  • Tlaloc's Rule

    Through their power, Chal and Tlaloc gave bounty to the land.

  • Tlaloc's Festering

    But Tlaloc's mind grew dark, and the people's gifts would please him no more.

  • Tlaloc's Wrath

    For long dark years he would use his might to make his wrath known.

  • Chal's Voice

    No single word from Chal would end Tlaloc's terrible reign.

  • Chal's Flood

    In the end, Chal would call down the sky to end the blue fruit's cycle.

  • Chal's End

    And so the world ended. Just a handful were left to start the world anew.