Wolf & Rabbit Achievements

Here is the full list of all 20 Wolf & Rabbit achievements.

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  • Sprinter

    Fetch all three mushrooms in one run.

  • Pedant

    Pick up every book that you can read.

  • Cat

    Try every chair and sofa that you can sit on.

  • Wolf & Rabbit

    They then live a happy life till forever.

  • Escaping

    You are safe... for now.

  • The Lone Wolf

    By fire be purged!

  • Necromancy

    Should have stopped her...

  • Injection

    Relax, it won't hurt...

  • Drowned

    But it's not deep at all...

  • Humility

    I was here for food, so I was just trying to get myself some food.

  • Honesty

    I said I'm not going to read it again, but, there is no one else now, so I think...

  • Compassion

    I once helped a rabbit doll, and I didn't steal any food, and I didn't break any cup, and I...

  • Valor

    You don't catch me. And if you do, it's me who caught you.

  • Justice

    So you are not going to tell... How about you? Then how about you? And you?

  • Sacrifice

    But there's a snailshroom! I must touch it! I mustn't leave it here alone!

  • Honor

    Just too curious about what's inside... You will stop me if you really don't want me to see it, won't you?

  • Spirituality

    I mean, since she might be able to do it, why a genius like me might not?

  • Was it a fairytale?

    It was a legend, a living legend.