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Weedcraft Inc Achievements

Here is the full list of all 35 Weedcraft Inc achievements.

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  • Major Herb Head

    Honor the legendary grower by harvesting at least 420 grams from one plant.

  • Green Thumb

    Harvest Legendary quality plant, without studying strain's optimal conditions using Research.

  • Devil's Weed

    Make weed illegal in a state, where cannabis was previously recreational.

  • We The People

    Pass bill legalizing recreational marijuana in any state.

  • OG

    Reach the 7th level of shady Influence.

  • Saint Mary Jane

    Gain the 7th lavel of decent Influence.

  • Gin And Juice

    Sell a batch of Legendary quality weed to Tastemakers, that has the flavor and effects matching their preferences.

  • Machiavellian

    Blackmail an employee to work for free.

  • Magnate

    Earn 3000000 points in Custom Game with Tycoon condition set.

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