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WWE 2K20 Achievements

Here is the full list of all 51 WWE 2K20 achievements.

  • I get knocked down…

    Use Payback Instant Recovery to quickly rise after being knocked down. (PLAY mode against A.I.)

  • I got the Poison

    Use Payback Spray Poison Mist to your opponent's face. (PLAY mode against A.I.)

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  • I'll be there for you!

    Activate the Run-In Payback. (PLAY mode against A.I.)

  • Nothing Personal, Kid

    Hit your Finisher immediately after activating Blackout Payback. (PLAY mode against A.I.)

  • No Tanks!

    Use the Tank buff to minimize damage from your opponent's Finisher. (PLAY mode agaisnt A.I.)

  • Ding!

    Use Payback Low Blow to slow your opponent down. (PLAY mode against A.I.)

  • Playing Possum

    Finish your opponent using a possum pin. (PLAY mode against A.I.)

  • Imposter

    Defeat your opponent with their own Finisher. (PLAY mode against A.I.)

  • By Gawd!

    Put your opponent through the top of the cell. (PLAY mode against A.I.)

  • Never look back

    Steel Cage: Escape through the door. (PLAY mode against A.I.)

  • High Pressure Situation

    ROAD TO GLORY: Win a Main Event in a PPV.

  • SNICKERS. Hunger to Win > Hunger

    UNIVERSE: Play and Win 50 matches.

  • Yoink!

    Use Payback Rush to steal 3 finishers in one match.

  • Untouchable

    Use Payback Fortify to deflect 1000 total damage.

  • Coordinated

    Win by performing a Pin Combo through a Signature or Finisher. (PLAY mode against A.I.)

  • End Game

    Win a Royal Rumble as entrant #1 or #2 against AI.(PLAY mode against A.I.)

  • Gladiator

    PLAY: Take control of a Superstar and win a Tournament against AI with "DAMAGE RETENTION" enabled.

  • My Favorite!

    Equip a Favorite Foreign Object and grab it from under the apron.

  • Cozy

    CREATIONS: Create your own Arena.

  • A Good Year

    UNIVERSE: Complete a year of universe.

  • An Original

    CREATIONS: Create a unique Superstar with their own Move-set, Entrance, and Victory pose.

  • Take it easy

    Play one Match using Assist Mode. (PLAY mode against A.I.)

  • Good Ratings

    UNIVERSE: Complete a Month of Shows.

  • Reliable Worker

    MyPLAYER: Complete a Side Plate.

  • Rare Foil

    STORE: Open a Loot Pack.

  • Squad Up

    As a Tag Team, perform your Tag Team Move. (PLAY mode against A.I.)

  • Boosted

    MyPLAYER: Use a Boost in a match.

  • It's Showtime

    UNIVERSE: Create a new Major Show in Universe.

  • Fighting words

    UNIVERSE: Activate a potential Rivalry.

  • An Iconic Duo

    Perform a Dual Attack in a Mixed Gender Match. (PLAY mode against A.I.)

  • No Refunds

    Send your Opponent through a table. (PLAY mode against A.I.)

  • Reversal of Fortune

    Reverse a Finisher. (PLAY mode against A.I.)


    Break free from a Carry. (PLAY mode against A.I.)

  • Enemy of the People

    Defend successfully against elimination in a Royal Rumble match. (PLAY mode against A.I.)

  • Attack of Opportunity

    Attack a Groggy Opponent with a Diving Attack from the Top Rope. (PLAY mode against A.I.)

  • No Surrender

    Break out of a Submission without overlapping once. (PLAY mode against A.I.)

  • Stubborn

    Finish an opponent without landing a finisher or signature. (PLAY mode against A.I.)

  • Ready for my Closeup

    Attack an opponent with the Tripod Foreign Object (PLAY mode against A.I.)

  • Overachiever

    Use the Adrenaline Payback to Carry an opponent over your weight class. (PLAY mode against A.I.)

  • Road Trip!

    MyCAREER: Clear Chapter 1.

  • Get outta Town!

    MyCAREER: Clear Chapter 4.

  • Paving the Way

    MyCAREER: Clear Chapter 10.

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