Vertical Drop Heroes HD Achievements

Here is the full list of all 30 Vertical Drop Heroes HD achievements.

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  • Say Hello to My Little Friend

    Summon a Dragon. ROAR.

  • A Helping Hand

    Complete any of the mini side-quests given by an NPC in a level.

  • Let Me Out!

    Rescue a friendly hero from a cage. You can either use a key or find a way to break the cage.

  • The Price of Freedom

    Keep a rescued Thief alive long enough for him to drop a Red Gem.

  • Beam Me Up!

    Use a blue teleporter to return to the top of the level.

  • It Wasn't Me!

    Defeat 9 enemies in a level while remaining in Pacifist Mode... for example, by using Swap when you are over a pit of spikes, or by letting rescued heroes do your dirty work.

  • Blackjack!

    Gain enough experience to reach Level 21.

  • What's this Sticky Thing?

    Walk into a Cave Spider's web.

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