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Vaccine Rebirth

Vaccine Rebirth Achievements

Here is the full list of all 17 Vaccine Rebirth achievements.

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  • Rat

    Finish one relapse

  • Bat

    Finish two relapses

  • Spider

    Get to the "true ending" on Medium difficulty

  • Snake

    Finish three relapses on Hard difficulty

  • Wolf

    Finish three relapses on Very Hard difficulty

  • Lion

    Finish three relapses on Nightmare difficulty

  • Crocodile

    Get to the "true ending" on Hard difficulty

  • Shark

    Get to the "true ending" on Very Hard difficulty

  • Undead

    Get to the "true ending" on Nightmare difficulty

  • Titan

    Kill the evolution monster

  • Chaos

    Kill 100 creatures in one session

  • King dog

    Reach the "true ending" with at least 3 minutes left

  • King penguin

    Reach the "true ending" after using only the knife

  • King duck

    Reach the "true ending" without killing anyone

  • King Koala

    Reach the "true ending" without using medical kits

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