Umbrella Corps Achievements

Here is the full list of all 41 Umbrella Corps achievements.

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  • Finishing Them Off

    Kill the last player ten times in One Life.

  • Can't Catch Me

    Avoid being killed while chosen as the target in Target Hunter.

  • The Conqueror

    Participate in securing the location 4 times in one Domination round.

  • The Scientist

    Obtain 30 DNA samples by yourself in one DNA Hunter round.

  • The Mad Scientist

    Obtain two special DNA samples by yourself in SP DNA Hunter.

  • Ultimate Protector

    Kill three enemy players while holding onto the briefcase in Protector.

  • All For Me

    Collect all of the briefcases by yourself in Collector.

  • Collared

    Collect five collars during one Collar War round.

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