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Turba Achievements

Here is the full list of all 21 Turba achievements.

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  • All Pro

    Reach pro level 3 with every Special Power

  • Bombs Away

    In Ascend mode and on Moderate or Intense difficulty, disarm no bombs and still pass the song (min. 10 bombs spawned)

  • Hoarder

    Pass a song while clearing every last Silver Block (min. 10 Silvers spawned)

  • You're Special

    Activate your Special Power 4 times on a song less than 2 minutes long

  • Semi-Pro

    Reach pro level 3 with any one Special Power

  • In Sync

    You are one with the music and reached a Beat Streak of 15

  • Clearing the Way

    Clear 1,500 combos

  • Getting Started

    Finish a song of at least 1 minute in each game mode

  • Starting Strong

    On your first clear of a round in Ascend or Descend, gain enough points to fill your Special Bar

  • Pile O' Points

    Accumulate 10,000,000 lifetime points

  • Linked Up

    Select a combo of each color and make it so all the combos touch and link together

  • The Big Score

    Rack up 500,000 points on any song less than 5 minutes long, before endgame bonuses

  • That's a Spicy Meat-a-ball

    Clear a combo (one color) of 20 or more blocks

  • Master Eraser

    Clear 3,000 combos

  • The Checklist

    Review your 12 pages of stats and find that nothing is at zero (Lowest Round Score excluded)

  • Hard Headed

    In Ascend mode and on Intense difficulty, pass a song while scoring 250,000 points and activating no Special Powers

  • The Century Mark

    Complete 100 songs of at least 1 minute in length

  • No Block Left Behind

    Pass a song in Descend mode without any blocks falling off the screen while scoring at least 200,000 points

  • Summer Block Party

    In one combo, clear at least 5 blocks of each color, 2 silver blocks and 1 bomb block. Those red blocks are real party animals.

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