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Trimps Achievements

Here is the full list of all 87 Trimps achievements.

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  • Survivor

    Beat a Lv 60+ Destructive Void Map with no deaths

  • Thick Skinned

    Beat Crushed without being crit past Z5

  • Great Host

    Kill an enemy with 100 stacks of Nom

  • Unbroken

    Break the Planet with 5 or fewer lost battles

  • Unemployment

    Reach Z60 without hiring a single Trimp

  • Very Sneaky

    Complete a Zone above 99 without falling below 150 stacks on Life

  • Extra Crispy

    Spend at least 10 minutes breeding an army with Geneticists

  • Trimp is Poison

    Beat Toxicity, never having more than 400 stacks

  • Realtor

    Own 100 of all housing buildings

  • Gotta Go Fast

    Overkill every possible world cell before Z60

  • Grindless

    Complete Watch without entering maps or buying Nurseries

  • Leadership

    Complete Lead with 100 or fewer lost battles

  • Defender

    Build your 10th Spire Floor

  • Stoned

    Kill 1M enemies in your Spire

  • Swagmatic

    Equip a Magmatic Staff and Shield

  • Brr

    Bring a world enemy's attack below 1

  • Bionic Sniper

    Complete a Bionic Wonderland map 45 levels higher than your Zone number

  • Nerfed

    Beat the Spire with no respec and 100M or less He Spent

  • Obliterate

    Defeat an enemy on Obliterated

  • M'Algamator

    Find an Amalgamator on Z1

  • Critical Luck

    Get 10 Red Crits in a row

  • AntiScience

    Beat Z75 on the Scientist V challenge

  • HeMergency

    Gain at least 01189998819991197253 He from one Bone Portal

  • Eradicate

    Kill an Enemy on Eradicated

  • Invisible

    Complete Spire V with no deaths

  • Power Tower

    Build your 20th Spire Floor

  • Bionic Nuker

    Complete a Bionic Wonderland map 200 levels higher than your Zone number

  • Hypercoordinated

    Complete Spire II on the Coordinate challenge

  • Nerfeder

    Beat Spire II with no respec and 1B or less He spent

  • Imploderated

    Beat Imploding Star on Obliterated

  • Wildfire

    Close 750 Nurseries at the same time

  • Unessenceted

    Earn Dark Essence with no respec and 0 He spent

  • Melted

    Reach Magma on Obliterated

  • Screwed

    Break the Planet on Eradicated

  • Eliter Feat

    Reach exactly 1337 Rn/Hr

  • Don't Need Luck

    One-shot a Dimension of Rage enemy on Unlucky while Unlucky

  • Perfectly Balanced

    Complete Downsize with an equal amount of Huts, Houses, Mansions, Hotels and Resorts

  • Resourceyphobe

    Complete Transmute without hiring a single Trimp

  • Upsized

    Complete Unbalance with 500 stacks of Unbalance

  • Unpoppable

    Complete Bublé without using Prismal or respeccing Perks

  • Pwnd

    Complete Duel without ever falling below 20 points

  • Solid

    Complete Melt without ever having more than 150 stacks

  • Coastapalooza

    Complete Trappapalooza without Trapping on or above Z50

  • Witherproof

    Complete Wither with 10K stacks of Hardened

  • Huffstle

    Reach a session score of 100-0 at L5+ in SA

  • Just Smack It

    Kill a L20+ SA Enemy without Shock, Bleed or Poison

  • Close Call

    Complete Revenge with exactly 19 stacks

  • Level Up

    Complete 80/80 quests on Quest

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