Treasure Fleet achievements

Treasure Fleet

There are 31 Treasure Fleet achievements worth 310

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Treasure Fleet Achievements

A Strange New World10

Establish a colony.

A Colonial Empire10

Own at least thirteen colonies.

Loyal Subject10

Complete one of king's missions.

King's Most Trusted10

Complete 5 missions in a row.

Colonial Warfare10

Capture a colony in war.

Aggressive Expansion10

Kill at least 100 land units in combat.

Graceful Stronghold10

Build a fortress.

Bigger than Tenochtitlan10

Have a colony with at least 40 development.

The Gold Rush10

Control three gold deposits.

Faithful Friends10

Have 10 missions at the same time among the natives.

Bane of Pirates10

Sink or capture at least 20 pirate ships.

Salty Dog10

Have the same ship survive a storm, a sea monster attack and a mutiny.

The Golden Ruins10

Discover El Dorado.

The Healing Pond10

Find a Fountain of Youth.

Master Merchant10

Achieve a trading score of at least 200.

Man of Fortune10

Accumulate a treasury of 100,000 coins.

World Discoverer10

Reveal the entire map.

Grand Admiral10

Sink or capture at least 50 ships.


Capture or raze at least 30 settlements.


Degrade relations with your ruler to "angered" status without declaring independence.

Don't Tread on Me10

Win the war of independence.

Loose Cannon10

Win the war of independence before 1600.


End the game without killing a single unit in combat.

Swallowed by the Jungle10

Have a unit disappear while exploring ruins.

Lost at Sea10

Lose a ship due to starvation.

Journey's End10

Reach the end of the game.

Treasure Fleet10

Have at least 50 tons of gold, silver or gems aboard a ship.


Sell 5000 tons of rum.

Trade along the Bay10

Have at least five factories.

Hardened Veteran10

Have a unit achieve 3-star experience.


Build at least 20 roads, mines or farms.