6. The Walking Dead Episode 4 | Around every corner

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s the episode unfolds, the gang is walking down the street talking, select your conversation options until you hear the bell toll. Walkers will begin swarming on you and after a bit of dialogue exchange, you’ll have to save Clem. Take out the walkers as they approach her, and be sure to kill the one on the left coming for Lee. After a bit, Chuck will jump in and save her. The gang will all flee (minus Chuck who is holding the walkers back), but Kenny will be grabbed, quickly kill the walker and continue on.

Once in the back of the house, you can confront Ben if you want or keep moving. Examine the doggy door near Kenny to learn that the doggy door is electronically opened. Grab the shovel and head over to the mound near the dog house; you should know what to do. Bring the collar to the door and after the scene, head inside.

Once in the house, you can examine the cupboards, but it’s not needed. Head to the stairs and examine the door at the bottom of them. Head into the main room, where Omid and Christa are, and examine both doors. Ben will then run down saying something’s wrong with Kenny, head up into the attic. You’ll see Kenny looking at a walker (as far as I know, this is also the first time they are called a Zombie, or at least that’s what it says when the cursor is placed over it) that looks like Duck. Choose whether you want to kill it or have Kenny do it.

After you’ve dealt with the walker, head outside and bury him in the hole with the dog. Lee will also see a figure watching him before taking off; pick your dialogue, after which Kenny and you will head out to find a boat.

After another scene, you’ll arrive at the docks; Kenny will ask you to check the coastline to see if you can find a boat. Head to the left of Kenny to find a telescope that needs a quarter, you can try bashing it, but that will have no effect. Head back to Kenny and head towards the top of the screen (North) until you see a yellow newspaper dispenser, bash it and grab the quarter. At the telescope, scan the horizon (if you want) and then look all the way to the left, Lee will see someone scaling down the building and heading their way.

Lee tells Kenny to duck down; Kenny suggests ‘talking’ with the scavenger and wants you to sneak up to the news stand that the scavenger is in. Once you reach the newspaper stand, you’ll get ambushed by the scavenger and need to grab the arm before getting a pickaxe to the face. Right before you get a pickaxe through the face, you’ll be saved and Kenny will try to subdue the scavenger (Molly) with bad results and inadvertently firing his pistol.

After a brief exchange (be sure to ask about Crawford), a group of walkers will appear from the only way out. The gang runs down an alley, all getting out safely thanks to Molly, except Lee. Push the dumpster and examine the manhole and then pick up the pick Molly throws down next to the manhole and use it to lift it up.

In the sewers, move through the tunnels until you reach a group of Walkers eating something/one, turn around and you should notice a pipe with no valve. A bit before them is a tunnel to the left, duck inside and examine the valve that’s in there as well. Take it and continue through until you reach a cover of some sort and use the pick to open it. Go to the pipe and use the valve to turn on the water, retreat to the small tunnel you just opened to avoid the walkers. Wait until the red hue dissipates then head through the other end.

As Lee continues, he’ll notice that the victim of the walkers was Chuck. Keep going until Lee is grabbed through a metal grate by a walker. You’ll have to free yourself before the walker at the end gets to you, you can use the pick or pistol. Using the pistol will alert the other walkers and cause them to advance on you (although I never had to worry about them getting to me as they are very slow), the pick takes much longer but is quite (I tried using it but didn’t get it to work so I just used the pistol instead). Kill the walker in front of you and head to the end, try using the pick to parkour your way up to reveal a hole in the wall.

Once inside the bunker, chat with the inhabitants, try to convince them you aren’t from Crawford and just be honest. You’ll have a QTE (Quick Time Event) in which you must grab Vernon’s gun or die. After another exchange, he’ll help you get back to your people.

ce back home, talk to Ben and Kenny as to where Clem is, one will say she’s with Molly, upstairs. Head up there and enter one of the rooms across from the stairs (bathroom) and then the bedroom that’s connected to the bathroom. Molly will be searching for whatever she can salvage and say that Clem went outside. Head out there and head towards the shed, you’ll hear a thumping sound. Clem will come out saying she was exploring and found something, a boat! Kenny will appear and be elated (kinda).

Kenny will say it needs a battery and fuel, the only place that has these is Crawford. The gang decides to meet up later to go and grab what they need and leave, without being seen. Once you get to Crawford, you’ll notice a lack of liveliness, and it becomes apparent as to way when Lee and Kenny try to kill what they think is a guard. Walkers. You’ll retreat back into the local school to regroup.

Once a plan has been devised, head out of the classroom and follow Molly into the alley. Enter the small shed and look up, there’s a hole you can use to get into the maintenance area and grab a battery. Check the dropdown door and head to the end of the alley to see a bunch of walkers, return back to where you dropped down into the area and Molly will jump down from the roof to kill a walker and give you a carjack.

Enter the garage and examine the car on the lift, to the left should be the hydraulic controls, examine the tube and try to cut it. Head over to Molly to borrow her pick and cut the tube. The cars alarm will go off, attracting the walkers. Quickly remove the battery unscrewing the left then the right, remove the clamps and follow Molly to the top of the truck.

Shoot out the skylight and grab Molly’s hand, Molly will jump the gap to the school and you have to follow, aim for her hand, I aimed for the ledge you jump from and fell on my face (dying). Molly will say she has something to do and take off with the battery, but promises to come back. Head to the classroom where Kenny will be holding the doors closed as walkers try to enter. Grab the hatchet on the floor and place it in-between the door handles.

Return to the classroom and talk to Kenny and Ben, Ben will pull you aside to say he feels guilty about causing Duck and Katjaa’s death and wants to tell Kenny it was him. Do what you want, I told him to keep quiet as Kenny is on the edge as it is, but regardless, he won’t say anything to him.

Talk to the lady near the door (her name escapes me, Vernon’s friend) and she’ll say that Vernon and Christa haven’t come back. Head out and instead of going to the right to the alley, go left. You’ll then need to kill a group of walkers, which is pretty easy. Enter the clinic and you’ll be told you need a combination for the safe that holds the meds. Go to the desk Vernon is at and examine the folder, take the tape and play it on the camera that is near the bed near the safe. After watching it, head back to the alley, go into the shed and climb back up and kill the walker Molly previously stabbed several times, take the tape and piece of paper.

Once back inside, head to the clinic but before getting there, you’ll notice a locker with a hand print on it, examine that and you’ll get another tape. Play the first and you’ll get the combo for the meds, the third is optional but explains a bit about how Molly knows about Crawford. Begin heading to the classroom and you’ll meet up with Molly. Confront her if you want and continue. You’ll hear what sounds like footsteps and Ben will jump out from a corner saying he thought he heard something so he grabbed a hatchet…

As you might expect, walkers come pouring in. Molly and Lee will try to hold off the walkers, but Molly gets grabbed, you have an incredibly small window to kill the walker that grabs her (this changes slightly if you bring Clem). The group will then head back to the classroom and Ben will freak out and say he has to tell Kenny something, to which Lee (and Kenny) tells him to shut up. Ben tells Kenny it was his fault and Kenny goes bonkers, as one would expect, and you can tell him to kick his ass later or not. Kenny also says if he thinks he’s getting on the boat, he’s dreaming and the group will vote whether or not they want him in.

Vernon’s friend will get grabbed and killed and Kenny manages to break the door open. As the group opens the only door out of the tower, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see some walkers on the other side. Kenny will toss you a shotgun and you have to kill them as you retreat back up. Kill them as they get into view until your leg falls through the stairs, work on freeing yourself and killing the walkers, they USUALLY come in pairs, so kill two, pull leg, kill two, pull leg.

Once free, you turn around and begin killing the walkers that came in from the classroom (door was broken, so it couldn’t be closed). Shoot them until you toss the gun and pull out an axe, go to town on their heads until you get to the top. Everyone will begin climbing down thanks to a conveniently placed ladder. Ben will say he’s not going, and will be grabbed by a walker, kill it and he’ll fall over the rail of the tower.

This will start a QTE, you can either decide to try and save him or let him fall, remember walkers are still coming up the stairs, so if you want to save him, you’ll need to pull fast.

Back at the house, after taking care of Omid, Vernon will offer to take Clem for you. After responding, Molly will say she’s leaving, that it’s too crowded for her liking. Go find Clem (she’s in the center room on the 2nd floor) and she’ll ask if they’ll enough time to look for her parents, answer her however you wish and this will cause a rather emotional scene. Lee will fall asleep and Clem will be gone.

Head outside and you’ll hear the radio on the other side of the fence. Go grab it and… well, I’ll let you find out for yourself... Decide if you want some of the group to help or to go alone and find Clem. After the scene, you’ll be given an option to tell the guy on the radio to “F--- OFF!” or whatever, but the episode ends before you do.

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