4. The Walking Dead Episode 2 | Starved for help

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Episode 2 starts with Lee and friends hunting in the woods to gather food. After a bit of back and forth and killing a walker, you'll encounter some students who are being attacked. After you've 'helped' them, you'll return to the motel and get bitched at for bringing more mouths to feed.

This chapter is both interesting and difficult (assuming you've developed a relationship with all the characters, good or bad). You'll be tasked with splitting the 4 remaining pieces of food between the 10 survivors, give it to whomever you wish, I personally gave some to Duck, Clementine, Carly and Lilly. Once you've split the food, head over to Larry who is mending the fence and choose to give Mark or Larry the axe, depending on what you told Mark, the two will have an argument.

Now go find Duck and Clementine grouped together and she'll tell you she lost her hat, if you feel kind enough to look for it (you will find it later in the episode), that'll make her quite happy. Go find Kenny and talk to him, depending on if you've been siding with him, he'll act differently towards you. After you've done this and listened to the complaints about food, Katjaa will call you over for help, say whatever you wish and be ready for a QTE (Quick Time Event), here is what to do:

1) Repeatedly press the indicated button as fast as you can until it changes to another button. Press that button once.

2) Lee will call for the others to give him his axe back, but the walker grabs him again! Flick the left control stick in the indicated direction to slam the walker's head against the car. Do the same again, in the other direction, and repeat until Larry or Mark comes over with the axe.

3) Press cn_A on the walker's head to slam him away from you. Larry/Mark will try to behead the walker, but will miss.

4) Kick the walker in the head three times by clicking the cn_A button with the cursor over its head.

5) Move the left control stick backwards to crawl away from the walker.

6) When Lee falls off the truck, repeatedly press the indicated button as fast as you can. Carley/Mark/Larry will come over and kill the walker for you.

Watch the scene, answer the questions, get the achievement.

Once you arrive, you'll be asked some questions by the group, they aren't important, but try to keep your story straight. After the conversation, Doug/Carly will go get the others and you can explore the farm if you wish. There's a swing that can be fixed for the kids, but you'll need rope and a board. Examine the broken fence and then head up to the porch, there is a box that contains the rope, grab that and then go down the stairs and go to the left of the screen to find a bunch of planks, examine them to acquire the board, now go back to the swing and fix it. Talk to Andy and select to fix the perimeter.

Converse with Mark until you reach the first body and remove the arrow, answer the questions until you come to the next body, cut off the hands and continue to the next, press cn_A and continue to remove the body. A QTE event will occur; here are the steps to take:

1) Look to the left-hand side of the tractor and BE QUICK (if you take too long, you get shot). Quickly remove the Chock from in front of the tyre.

2) Look to the right-hand side of the tractor and pull the Plow Lever. This should make the tractor start rolling forward, towards the gate.

3) Your objective is to move towards the gate whilst staying hidden behind the tractor. You'll know when you're in danger as the edges of the screen will get redder and redder. The easiest way to stay at a safe distance is to stay level with Mark or the big wheel on the tractor.

4) Eventually the tractor will get stuck on a zombie. Look to the left-hand side of the tractor and press the A button on the zombie to drag it out (do this quickly or you'll get shot.) This starts the tractor moving again, so stay level with Mark or the big wheel as you move to avoid getting shot.

5) You'll get stuck on another zombie. Look to the left and quickly press A on the zombie to drag it out. However, this one's still alive! Move your cursor over the zombie's head and press A to kick it. Do this a second time. You'll now have to repeatedly press the indicated button in order to pull the zombie from beneath the wheels - do this and the zombie will tear in half, which gets the tractor moving again.

6) Things get a little trickier now. You must stay hidden behind the moving tractor. If you go too far forward, you'll get shot by bandits, but you've now got half a zombie hot on your heels behind you! Again, try and stay level with Mark and you should make it to the gate on time.

You'll be able to converse with the survivors now, select whichever options you want, they have no real impact. While not required, talking to Kenny will let you know his opinion of you, which is likely obvious if you've been siding with him or not. Go to the porch and talk with Andy and Danny, agree to help them with the bandits and get ready to move out.

You'll come across a small bandit camp and begin searching for stolen food, go to the left and examine the table to find boxes and a camera (may take a few examinations). Danny will come over to try and stop you from looking at it, but the batteries are dead, so you're out of luck anyways - what could be on there that he didn't want you to see? Head over to the tent and examine everything until you find.... Clementines Hat? You'll then be attacked by a bandit named Jolene, who has a crossbow, she also says she knows Danny's secret. You'll then have to make a decision, do whatever you feel is right.

After your return, go through the conversation and you'll be told that everyone is in the barn. Before going, head to the swing and talk to Danny, choose the option 'You really like that gun' and then head to the barn. Talk to Lilly to learn that Kenny doesn't trust the brothers, give Clementine her hat and then try to open the doors in the back of the barn - Kenny will come talk to you. You'll decide to find out what's behind the door; however Andy will ask you what you're doing, select whichever option you like. You can talk to everyone if you like, Brenda has an odd reaction to you if you try talking to her, but nothing is important.

Head to the workbench near the generator to grab a Multitool, use that to open the generators power panel, you'll need to remove the belt but it's going too fast to stop. Turn it off then remove it quickly, this provides the distraction you need, head to the barn. The dinner bell will ring, but Kenny offers to cover you, you can either open the lock or head inside for dinner (which is no fun). It's highly suggested you open the lock, as there's a nice surprise on the other side (if you've played the Silent Hill series, you may recognize Mira at the panel.... Just kidding, but after that gruesome sight, you'll appreciate the attempt at humor). Head inside and after the short scene, sneak upstairs, once at the top head to the closet and examine the power cord on the bottom. Head into the bedroom and you'll notice a light source emitting from the bookshelf, move it and open the door.

You'll now be in a QTE, run down stairs as fast as possible and enter the dining room and select 'Clementine, no!' or 'Spit that out!' (cn_Y and cn_B respectively).

Watch the drama, pick your options, and earn your achievement.

You'll wake in a meat locker with a few others, Kenny, Lilly, Clem and Larry. Larry offers interesting dialogue. Talk with Clem and then try to remove the AC or wait. Either way, Larry will suffer a heart attack. You'll have to make an option, a rather critical one at that. Kenny wants to destroy Larry's brain before he turns, while Lilly wants to perform chest compressions on him in the hopes of reviving him, you can also do nothing.

I highly suggest supporting Lilly on this one, even if you're a Kenny fan (like me), mainly because you can witness a highly debated 'scene' if you know about it before hand. Begin doing chest compressions on Larry, and if you manage to get four in you'll notice Larry's mouth move, many fans have argued whether this is Larry returning as a walker, Larry being resuscitated or just movement caused by the chest compressions. No matter what you believe it to be, Kenny will smash Larry's skull with a salt lick.

Once she opens the door, you'll be free and earn the achievement.

You need to get out and to do so you need to unscrew the AC, and the only way to do so now is to use a coin. Ask Lilly for permission, then examine Larry's corpse to find a few coins. Clem is the only one who'll fit, so have her go through. Creep through the bloody room, examine everything and pick up the tazer, then talk to Kenny. Sneak out into the barn and move forward until you automatically hide in a stall. Kenny will then say to see where he is, but he'll be gone, talk to Kenny again and then open the stall door again to find a gun in your face. This will start a QTE. Here's what to do:

1) You literally have a couple of seconds to do this. Move your cursor and press cn_A on the gun to grab it and prevent your death.

2) You must now move your cursor onto Danny and press cn_A before he reloads so he can't shoot you again. This will cause Lee to attack him with your weapon of choice.

3) Now, either Kenny or Lilly will come along to your rescue with a sickle. This causes Danny to back himself into his own bear trap.

Kenny will go running, but you have to decide to either spare or kill Danny, your choice will affect Clem as she will see whatever it is you choose to do. Pick your poison and earn your achievement.

Go to the house and listen to the conversation, when it's done go to the door and answer how you like. Once you open, you need to be careful, as you can easily die. The best way to go about this part is to listen to Brenda, let her move up the stairs then slowly advance. This is what I did and didn't die at all, but others apparently weren't so lucky.

Once the event is over, head outside with Katjaa after hearing Kenny and Andy. After a short scene, you'll begin a QTE, here's what to do:

1) Press the indicated button repeatedly, then press the next indicated button once.

2) Andy will drag Lee towards the electric fence. You get the option to do something to Andy with your hand, but I've never been able to get this to work so I'll assume you can't do anything here.

3) You must now press the cn_A button repeatedly - don't worry, you'll always lose here. If like me you're able to tap the button unnaturally fast, you may find that you're just sat here tapping forever - so wait for the redness on the edges of the screen to go away, and then you are safe to allow Andy to push Lee's face towards the fence so you can progress. If the edges of the screen are still red and he manages to push your face into the fence, Lee will get electrocuted and die. NOTE: If you tried to save Larry in the meat locker, Lilly will save you and you can skip on to step 5. If you chose to let Kenny kill Larry, Lilly will not save you and you must do step 4 before progressing.

4) If Lilly doesn't save you, press the indicated button repeatedly, then press the next indicated button once.

5) Lee will now be on top of Andy and must punch him. Do this repeatedly.

6) If you failed to punch Andy, he will flip Lee over and start punching him. You must now press A on his face to push him away, and then press the indicated button repeatedly. Press the next indicated button once to push Andy into the electric fence.

You can now choose to kill Andy or leave him for the walkers. What you do affects Clem, but either way, you get the achievement.

You'll talk with Kenny while walking, depending on who you sided with. Eventually you'll come across an abandoned car. Clem won't want to take the food, but you can convince her, it really doesn't matter. Katjaa will tell you she has the camera from earlier and manages to get it working. The camera is Jolene's, and she was watching you (or more specifically, Clementine) at the inn before stealing Clem's hat.

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