Temtem Achievements

Here is the full list of all 47 Temtem achievements.

  • Sophia

    Defeat Sophia in a Dojo Leader rematch.

  • Rawiri

    Defeat Rawiri in a Dojo Leader rematch.

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  • Tihani

    Defeat Tihani in a Dojo Leader rematch.

  • Yareni

    Defeat Yareni in a Dojo Leader rematch.

  • Musa

    Defeat Musa in a Dojo Leader rematch.

  • Dr. Sasaya

    Defeat Dr. Sasaya in a Dojo Leader rematch.

  • Murdag

    Defeat Murdag in a Dojo Leader rematch.

  • Percival

    Defeat Percival in a Dojo Leader rematch.

  • I'm the leader

    Defeat all Dojo Leaders in rematches.

  • Belsotos Eat Poop

    Complete the main questline.

  • Indecisive

    Capture or hatch each starter Temtem.

  • Interior Designer

    Decorate your house with at least 20 different items of furniture.

  • I'm in Danger

    Complete the classificatory rounds by playing 10 ranked competitive matches.

  • Fashionista

    Obtain 20 different clothing items.

  • Trendsetter!

    Wear a fully dyed clothing item in each slot.

  • Trendsetter?

    Wear a fully dyed clothing item in each slot, without repeating any dye.

  • Back to the Roots

    Capture, evolve, or hatch 151 different Temtem species.

  • Collector

    Capture, evolve, or hatch all the different Temtem species.

  • Hoarder

    Have an item 99 times in your backpack.

  • New Parent

    Rename a non OT Temtem.

  • Activist

    Complete all the FreeTem tiers in one week.

  • Saipark Scout

    Capture one of the two available Temtem species at Saipark.

  • Rider

    Complete three food parcel deliveries in the same day.

  • Radar Expert

    Complete the 400 encounters successfully in a radar.

  • Fisher

    Show a 5/5 Koish before showing a 4/5.

  • Feeling Lucky

    Drop a WishYouWell Coin in each well.

  • Absolute Unit

    Capture or hatch a perfect Temtem.

  • Fruiterer

    Perfect a Temtem's TV using fruits.

  • Hacker

    Perfect a Temtem's SV using telomere hacks.

  • Blin Blin

    Capture, evolve, or hatch a Luma Temtem.

  • Tuwailicious

    Set your squad with all of Tuwai's evolutions.

  • Prankster

    Ring the bell on any elevator.

  • Inheritance

    Breed a Temtem with an egg technique.

  • Full Potential

    Get a level 100 Temtem with all perfected stats, fully TV trained, and including all egg techniques in its learnset.

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