Team Sonic Racing Achievements

Here is the full list of all 51 Team Sonic Racing achievements.

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  • Target Practice

    Land a hit on enemy racers with each use of a x3 Orange Rocket.

  • Threat Neutralized

    Use the White Boost to destroy a projectile.

  • Cutting Corners

    Use the White Boost to avoid being slowed down by terrain.

  • Violent Void

    Use the Violet Void to absorb a projectile and hit the racer who fired it.

  • You're Fired

    Cause an opponent to spin-out using a Red Burst.

  • Road Block

    Block an incoming projectile with a Blue Cube.

  • Shockproof

    Avoid the effect of being hit by an Ivory Lightning.

  • Artful Dodging

    Avoid every hazard created by a Gray Quake.

  • Sonic Heroes

    Complete a Team Race with 2 additional local players on your Team.

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