THE FINALS Achievements

Here is the full list of all 50 THE FINALS achievements.

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  • Buzzer Beater

    Steal a cashout with less than 10 seconds remaining in the match

  • Highway Patrol

    Eliminate an opponent while you are riding a Zipline, 10 times

  • Hot Shot

    Eliminate an opponent while you are on fire, 5 times in a single round

  • Just Like Scotty

    Win a round in any mode without being eliminated

  • Bombouncer

    Eliminate an opponent by bouncing a grenade on a Jump Pad

  • Pressure Prize

    Hit an opponent in the head with an explosive carriable

  • Dodgeball Champion

    Hit opponents with 3 different carriables within 15 seconds

  • Clip And Slide

    Eliminate an opponent with a headshot while you are sliding

  • Multitasker

    Eliminate 3 opponents with 3 different items or carriables within 10 seconds

  • Busy Body

    Eliminate 3 opponents with a Melee Weapon within 10 seconds

  • Crowd Pleaser

    Finish in first place, 3 times in a row

  • Pyro Prodigy

    Eliminate 25 opponents with fire

  • Toxic Tact

    Eliminate 25 opponents with gas

  • Golden Bullet

    Get a headshot elimination with the last bullet in the magazine of your primary weapon

  • Fatal Florist

    Eliminate an opponent with a flowerpot

  • Charitable Donation

    Eliminate an opponent with a cash box

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