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Sweet Transit

Sweet Transit Achievements

Here is the full list of all 46 Sweet Transit achievements.

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  • Village

    Found your first village.

  • Town

    Found your first town.

  • Only Town

    Found a town without any other settlements.

  • Settlement 1

    Have a settlement with population of 5000.

  • Settlement 2

    Have a settlement with population of 10000.

  • Settlement 3

    Have a settlement with population of 15000.

  • The Colony

    Found a second settlement in the colony.

  • Expansion

    Found 3 settlements with at least 1000 inhabitants each.

  • Workforce

    Bring workers to work.

  • Steam

    Build your first steam train.

  • Diesel

    Build your first diesel train.

  • Spud

    The spud life chose me.

  • Knowledge

    More books about the trains.

  • Strong Bones

    It is almost proven that milk makes bones stronger.

  • Fancy

    Reach 20 attractiveness in a settlement.

  • Going Over

    Build a bridge over rails.

  • Only City

  • Complete the Game

    Have a Bank, Church of the Train, Opera House and BrewBoost Hub built at the same time.

  • Fast Finish

    Finish the game in 10h or faster.

  • Tiny

    Finish the game using a map of 512x512 tiles or smaller.

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