Super Mega Baseball 2 Achievements

Here is the full list of all 42 Super Mega Baseball 2 achievements.

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  • I Just Need One

    Pinch hit with a full count and then hit a homerun against the CPU.

  • Unconcealed Weapon

    Steal a base on the first pitch after bringing in a pinch runner against the CPU.

  • Repeat Offender

    Have a single runner steal both second and third base in the same inning against the CPU.

  • Gettin' Around

    Have your entire lineup make a plate appearance in a single inning against the CPU.

  • Fun, Fun, Without a Run

    Have a player with 6 RBIs but no runs in a single game against the CPU.

  • Whiff Wizard

    Strike out 15 batters in one game with a single pitcher against the CPU.

  • A Touch of Clutch

    Win a game with a walk-off homerun using an "On Fire" or "Jacked" player against the CPU.

  • Termination by Intimidation

    Win a game by striking out an opposing "Rattled" player against the CPU.

  • Your Bagel, Sir

    Pitch a 9+ inning complete-game shutout in a Standard Season or Standard Elimination game.

  • Battaire Extraordinaire

    Tally a regular season batting average over .400 with a player on your team (60+ plate appearances).

  • Pitchaire Extraordinaire

    Tally a regular season ERA under 1.50 with a pitcher on your team (30+ innings pitched).

  • Knight of Knocks

    Hit a total of 500 hits.

  • Workhorse

    Pitch 10 complete-game wins against the CPU (9+ inning games only).

  • Perfecto

    Pitch a 9+ inning complete-game perfect game in Season or Elimination mode.

  • SMB2 Master

    Win the championship of a Standard Season with a season average Ego of 80 or higher.

  • #Ego99 Challenge

    Win a 9+ inning game against the CPU at Ego 99 where both teams are Standard teams.

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