Super Mecha Champions Achievements

Here is the full list of all 20 Super Mecha Champions achievements.

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  • Berserker

    Place one and deal more than 30000 damage in a Battle Royale match.

  • King of Supremacy

    Place in top one as MVP in Battle Royale matches.

  • Wildfire

    Solo ACETIME and place one in a 3-player Battle Royale match with all your teammates eliminated.

  • Lightning Speed

    Move a mecha more than 5000m in a Battle Royale match.

  • Bullseye

    Kill more than 3 pilots from at least 100m away in a Battle Royale match.

  • Clash of Steel

    Pilot a mecha and destroy more than 4 mechas within 40m in a Battle Royale match.

  • Mecha Dismantler

    Destroy more than 3 mechas as a pilot in a Battle Royale match.

  • Chosen One

    Killed in first 8 minutes, yet the squad still placed top 1 in 3-player Battle Royale.

  • Rampage

    Drive Deformed Car and run over 2 enemies in a Battle Royale match.

  • Treasure Hunter

    Unlock more than 4 Airdrop in a Battle Royale match.

  • Nowhere to Run

    Kill more than 2 flying enemies using Flying Machine in a Battle Royale match.

  • Eye of the Sky

    Score 5 destructions or kills from more than 30m above the ground in a Battle Royale match.

  • Unstoppable

    Win 2 Team Deathmatch games in a row.

  • Superstar

    Win 2 MVP in a row in Team Deathmatch.

  • Tit for Tat

    Destroy a mecha controlled by one player more than 4 times in a Team Deathmatch game.

  • Undefeatable

    Destroy more than 10 mecha(s) in a single Team Deathmatch game.

  • Buzzer Beater

    Score the final point to break a tie, keep that score and win in Team Deathmatch.

  • Double Aces

    Score more than 10 points while piloting one mecha without it being destroyed in Team Deathmatch.

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