SugarMill achievements


There are 43 SugarMill achievements worth 430

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SugarMill Achievements


Obtain a population of 50 residents


Obtain a population of 100 residents


Obtain a population of 250 residents


Obtain a population of 500 residents

Prime Minister10

Obtain a population of 1000 residents


Obtain a port reputation of 50 points


Obtain a port reputation of 70 points

Port Official10

Obtain a port reputation of 90 points

Port Chief10

Obtain a port reputation of 95 points


Construct 50 buildings in the village


Construct 100 buildings in the village

Master Planner10

Construct 250 buildings in the village

SugarMill's Architech10

Construct 500 buildings in the village

Love the feeling10

Game play of five minutes

Religious Joy10

Construct your first church

Scholar Ready10

Construct your first school

Well Off10

Make $100,000.00 for first time


Make $250,000.00 for first time

Half Way10

Make $500,000.00 for first time

First Million10

Make $1,000,000.00 for first time


Make $5,000,000.00 for first time


Obtain a population of 10 residents


Obtain a population of 25 residents


Construct 10 buildings in the village

Learner Plus10

Construct 25 buildings in the village

1st Year10

Ruled for 1 Year

5th Year10

Ruled for 5 Years

10th Year10

Ruled for 10 Years

25th Year10

Ruled for 25 Years

50th Year10

Ruled for 50 Years

100th Year10

Ruled for 100 Years

250th Year10

Ruled for 250 Years

500th Year10

Ruled for 500 Years

1000th Year10

Ruled for 1000 Years

Some Cash10

Make $75,000.00 for first time

Love the feeling 1010

Game play of 10 minutes

Love the feeling 1510

Game play of 15 minutes

Love the feeling 2010

Game play of 20 minutes

Love the feeling 3010

Game play of 30 minutes

Love the feeling 4510

Game play of 45 minutes

Love the feeling 6010

Game play of 60 minutes

Love the feeling 9010

Game play of 90 minutes

Love the feeling 12010

Game play of 120 minutes