Street Fighter 6 Achievements

Here is the full list of all 43 Street Fighter 6 achievements.

  • Get Your Game Face On!

    Where's your face, dingus? Get your butt to the avatar creator and sort yourself out! Crying shame we can't fix that attitude of yours while we're at it.

  • So This Is the Battle Hub...

    Ah, yes. Welcome to the Battle Hub. I do not know what you seek, but please, enjoy yourself. That is the purpose for which it was built, after all.

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  • First Encounters

    Start by fighting a match in the Battle Hub. It doesn't matter if you win or lose. What matters is challenging yourself to take that first step.

  • There's Always Time for Training!

    How's 30 matches in the Battle Hub sound? If yer not there yet, just keep at it! If ya wanna get sumo strong, ya can't be shy of the ring!

  • King of the Ring

    Starting to get used to competition? Then set your sights on winning 30 Battle Hub matches. Gotta give yourself a challenge if you want to get anywhere in life.

  • Jungle-Sized Surprise

    Ever hear of Extreme Battles? They're a little different from regular fights—a little more WILD. Try it out, and let your instincts take over!

  • Extreme Combat Training

    If you can't adapt, you won't last five seconds on the battlefield. Fight 20 Extreme Battles. Perfect training to sharpen your judgement.

  • Over the Top Victory

    20 wins in Extreme Battle. Should be a snap for someone like you, yeah? Stomp this one flat, then aim for even greater heights! Bwahaha!

  • Becoming the Avatar

    In Avatar Battles, you can battle others as an avatar―a self outside of your self. Go there, and experience all that such combat has to offer.

  • Fixin' for a Fight

    Nothing gets my engine revving more than a brawl between avatars, live and in the flesh! Let's see you do 20 Avatar Battles!

  • The Struggle Over Self

    An alternate form of combat, with an alternate path to victory. Get 20 wins in Avatar Battles. But don't obsess over the results. Let experience be your guide.

  • Gazing at the Peak

    If you wanna match the one-and-only Jamie Siu, you'd better be early to the starting line. Give a Tournament a shot!

  • Steely Determination

    The determination to stand in the ring and fight is what turns mind and muscle into tempered steel! Enter five Tournaments, and see for yourself!

  • Dominating Like a Ninja

    Ninja can leap staircases in a single bound, but there's no skipping steps in training. Win ten Tournaments. It won't be easy, but you can do it.

  • Veteran of Battle

    Kung fu is the result of ceaseless training. Do anything enough times, and you'll see results. So will you, once you fight in the Battle Hub 100 times.

  • Kickin' it Old School

    Did you know you can play classic games at the Battle Hub Game Center? It's true! Cassette tapes and cartridges might be old...but they're still hecka rad.

  • Classic Leaderboard Champ

    Ever try the Ranking Challenge at the Game Center? Give it a shot! It's important to always challenge yourself, even when it comes to games.

  • Entranced by Battle

    Having an audience changes everything...and turns a mere fight into thrilling spectacle. Spectate a Battle Hub Match, and bear witness to glory.

  • Combat Analysis

    In combat, you must constantly analyze the situation. Spectate an Extreme Battle, and hone your ability to read and react to the unexpected.

  • Watching Gets Me PUMPED!

    Ah, there's nothing quite like a fight, one-on-one, in the flesh! If you wanna appreciate it too, go spectate an Avatar Battle!

  • Welcome to the Stable

    Sounds like the Battle Hub has clubs you can join. Just like a sumo stable! You should join one! Ooh, I wonder if they have chanko stew...

  • Let the Praise Become Your Muscle

    Hrrah! To fight before a cheering crowd is an honor shared by all wrestlers! Go on—try earning yourself a "Nice" fan of your own!

  • Gotta Be Popular! Uwo!

    Uwo! My dream's to become famous, and make Mama proud! You should become famous too! Try gathering 200 "Nice" fans, for starters!

  • Spirits of Encouragement

    Having outside support is a bit like having a spirit. You can't see them, but they lend you strength all the same. Get 600 "Nice" fans, and you'll feel strong too.

  • Pleased to Meet You!

    I used to ask millions of questions as an agent. There's a lot you can learn from people just by talking to them—try chatting in the Battle Hub.

  • Coolheaded Analysis

    Reviewing replay footage is a great way to learn from past fights. Watch with a calm, subjective eye, and you're bound to make some discoveries.

  • My Title, My Life

    Earned any titles for your efforts yet? Me? Pfft. I don't need a title. I'm Jamie freakin' Siu!

  • Joining the Pack

    A lone wolf is strong, but they're far more fearsome if they have a pack to call their own. So go on—try making some friends!

  • Fashion Leader

    Clothing allows us to express ourselves. Know who else never changes their clothes? Animals. Change your outfit. Please.

  • Ready to Dance?

    Have you had a chance to jam out at the DJ Booth in the Battle Hub, bud? Pick your favorite tunes, and light the dance floor aflame!

  • Up on the Big Screen

    Sit down by the big monitor in the Battle Hub, and you can view all kinds of stuff. Man... Used to be me up there going wild on the big screen.

  • Neighborhood Peacekeeper

    You gotta help people in need. I mean, that's the secret to keeping any city peaceful. So get out there and complete 22 sub-missions, got it?

  • Mastery's Bond

    Once you find someone to call a master, you would do well to seek to deepen your bonds. Raise the bond with one of your masters to 100.

  • At Journey's End

    Oh, you finished World Tour, did you? I suppose a word of congratulation is in order. I do hope your journey was a meaningful one.

  • Leaving the Nest

    That's a wrap for basic training! You're a full-fledged fighting chickadee now, buddy. It's all up to you from here on out. Enjoy it!

  • Ha-dough-ken

    I've worked a few odd jobs during my travels, and they all helped me with my training. You should take up a part-time job during your World Tour, as well.

  • Actions Speak Louder

    Something in the way while you're walking through the city? Here's an easy solution: send it flyin' with a Master Action! Mm-mm-mmm... It's the little pleasures in life.

  • The Grand Jeté of 100 Battles

    Fight 100 online battles via Fighting Ground. What's that? Too difficult, you say? If you wish to take on the world, there can be no other path.

  • Tales of the Valiant

    Gonna need ya to head to the Fighting Ground and finish Arcade Mode once, buddy! It's time ya heard the stories of your fellow fighters!

  • Practical Training

    You've heard of combo trials, I presume? It's time you practice attack sequences. I want you to finish 45 of them. It will be difficult, but I've the utmost faith in you.

  • Fighting Fledgling

    You know how a swallow can fly at speeds of up to 200 kilometers an hour? Well, even they were chicks once. It's all about practice! Get yourself to Training Mode!

  • Fighters' Codex

    Whoa, you seen these Character Guide things? Talk about rad! They've got all kinds of info about people's fighting styles and moves. Oh yeah, Bushinryu gets some rep too, naturally.

  • Taking Initiative

    You want to learn street fighting fundamentals? Well, too bad, 'cause I'm not in the mood to take on any students. Go hit the Tutorials, kid.

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