Starway Fleet Achievements

Full list of all 21 Starway Fleet achievements.

  • Tutorial

    Finish the tutorial mission.

  • Mission 1 – Homebound

    Provide fighter cover for the convoy in the vicinity of planet Rocky while the three civilian vessels are preparing for their next hyperjump. As soon as the jump coordinates are calculated, the convoy is ready to jump.

  • Mission 2 – Rescue

    Two flights of fighters will escort the two dropships carrying marines who will board and retake the stranded support ship. When the ship is successfully taken back, the fighters will provide cover for the support ship and the dropships while they are making their way to their jump points.

  • Mission 3 – Gateway keepers

    We must prevent any enemy ships from getting through the wormhole at all costs. So far, the Toorgaen have never reached our Solar System, so they have no information of its whereabouts. The task is simple but essential: we cannot let them find it out.

  • Mission 4 – Transshipment

    All Toorgaen attackers must be destroyed. Cruisers Canopus and Scorpius must survive the ambush at all costs.

  • Mission 5 – Cyclops

    The Toorgaen Cyclops vessel must be destroyed as soon as possible.

  • Mission 6 – Defend the miner facility

    Defend the mining facility and destroy the attacking Toorgaen forces.

  • First mark

    Destroy an enemy fighter in a single player mission.

  • 30 fighters

    Destroy 30 fighters in single player missions.

  • 100 fighters

    Destroy 100 fighters in single player missions.