Star Trek: D·A·C - Demo Achievements

Full list of all 14 Star Trek: D·A·C - Demo achievements.

  • Imperial Instincts

    Earn 25 cumulative point captures in Conquest

  • Bridge Commander

    Earn 250 cumulative kills in Team Deathmatch

  • Mirror, Mirror

    Capture a point with the aid of your own wingman

  • Born Leader

    Capture 3 points and help destroy the 4th in a single Assault match

  • NCC-1701

    Earn 250,000 points as the Flagship class in one Team Deathmatch game

  • No Mercy

    Earn 50 cumulative Escape Pod kills

  • Starfleet Medal of Honor

    No deaths or ejections, plus at least 15 kills, in a single match

  • Vulcan Wisdom

    Don’t die or shoot, yet capture 3 points (including the enemy base) in a Conquest match