SAS: Zombie Assault 4 Achievements

Full list of all 59 SAS: Zombie Assault 4 achievements.

  • 50 Cal

    Reach level 50 with one character

  • Armor Specialist

    Make a total of 1,000 augmentations across all armor pieces

  • Augmented

    Add your first augment to any weapon or armor piece

  • Boxer

    Open 100 Strongboxes

  • Cleanup

    Slow 5,000 zombies with the Biocleanse Bomb skill (Medic class)

  • Complete Set

    Encounter and destroy 1 of each zombie, elite, and boss type

  • Devastation

    Eviscerate 1,000 Devastators

  • Field Commander

    Wipe out 10,000 zombies with the Assault Team skill (Assault class)

  • Fireman

    Extinguish 1,000 Wickers

  • For Me

    Open 10 Strongboxes

  • Full Stables

    Hold a level 20 character in each of the 3 character slots

  • Goes Up to 11

    Reach level 11 with one character

  • Grenadier

    Kill 5,000 zombies using grenades

  • Hacked

    Terminate 1,000 Zombie Mechs

  • Hard Line

    Complete Last Stand without letting a single zombie past the first barrier

  • Hero

    Rescue every single survivor on the Survivors map

  • Hurl

    De-worm 1,000 Regurgitators

  • Impounded

    Kill 5 or more zombies with a single car explosion

  • Level Up

    Reach level 2 with one character

  • Liposuction

    Drop 5,000 Bloaters

  • Loose Change

    Pick up $1,000,000 in SAS4 Cash loot drops

  • Map Master Last Stand

    Make 1,000 successful stands

  • Map Master Onslaught

    Successfully defend the ship 1,000 times

  • Map Master - Pods

    Successfully defeat the pods 1,000 times

  • Map Master Power Out

    Successfully complete Power Out 1,000 times

  • Map Master - Survivors

    Survive Survivors 1,000 times

  • Map Master - Vaccine

    Successfully extract the vaccine 1,000 times

  • Map Master - VIP

    Successfully escort the whiny VIP 1,000 times

  • Mo Betta

    Make a total of 50 augmentations across all weapon and armor pieces

  • Most Toys Wins

    Open 10,000 Strongboxes

  • My Little Friend

    Kill 5,000 zombies using turrets

  • Necrophobe

    Snuff 1,000 Necrosis bosses along with all 3 children

  • NLL

    Complete Last Stand without a single zombie getting through

  • None Shall Pass

    Defeat all zombies on Onslaught without allowing either of the ramp doors to fall

  • Not Today

    Resist 1,000 zombie attacks using the Die Another Day skill (Heavy class)

  • Oh Spit

    Chew up 5,000 Spitters

  • Pistol Whipped

    Bash 1,000 zombies using the Close Quarters Combat skill (Assault class)

  • Precision

    Do not open any pods besides the boss pod

  • Quicksilver

    Apply 25 total skill points on a single character between Fast Reload and Fast Movement (at least 5 points in each)

  • Recycler

    Sell 5,000 weapons or gear pieces

  • Redecorator

    Destroy every breakable object in the VIP's mansion

  • Regenerator

    Apply 25 total skill points on a single character between Health Regen and Energy Regen (at least 5 points in each)

  • Run, Zombie, Run

    Kneecap 5,000 Runners

  • Shields Down

    Bash through 5,000 Shielders

  • Stalkee

    Obliterate 5,000 Stalkers

  • Tank

    Apply 25 total skill points on a single character between Toughness and Body Armor Expert (at least 5 points in each)

  • Team Sprint

    Complete Vaccine with a 4 player team where you extract the vaccine and get all 4 players on the ship in less than 5 minutes

  • Test Driven

    Level up an Assault, Medic, and Heavy character to level 10

  • Top 10

    Fill any augmentation slot up to grade 10 on any single weapon or armor piece

  • Transporter

    Evacuate the VIP without him taking any damage

  • Upgraded

    Fill any augmentation slot up to grade 5 on any single weapon or armor piece

  • Weapon Specialist

    Make a total of 1,000 augmentations across all weapons

  • You Have No Secrets

    Find all hidden stashes in the the original 7 maps

  • You Shamble, I Scramble

    Pulverize 5,000 Shamblers

  • Zero

    Allow every survivor to, well, not survive

  • Zero Casualties

    Complete Power Out without any player on a 4 player team taking any damage from the central turrets

  • Zombie Heal Thyself

    Heal to death 10,000 zombies with the Zombie Antidote skill (Medic class)

  • Zombie Reaper

    Personally curb stomp 1,000,000 zombies

  • Zombies Go Boom

    Vaporize 10,000 zombies with the Aerial Bombardment skill (Heavy Class)