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Rune Factory 5 Achievements

Here is the full list of all 47 Rune Factory 5 achievements.

  • First Shipment

    Whether it's the fruits of your farming labor or fine handcrafted accessories, they are sure to spread smiles wherever they go.

  • First Date

    Do you remember who you had your first date with? Of course you do...right?

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  • First Fish

    A commemoration of your first steps as an angler. A split-second decision is all it took to pull in your rod.

  • First Monster Friend

    Even if they can't understand the words you speak, they're sure to understand you as long as your feelings are sincere.

  • First Cold Caught

    Don't push yourself, it's better to rest up. Everyone knows you're a hard worker, but they're worried about you!

  • First Request Completed

    It's always commendable when you do something for others. It's things like these that can change the world, one request at a time.

  • First Bath Taken

    Nothing like a nice soak in a warm bath. Enjoy it to the fullest, there's no rush to get out.

  • Got Married

    A ring to commemorate your marriage. May you find eternal happiness together!

  • Beat the Game

    Congratulations on finishing the game! This achievement is to commemorate all your hard work!

  • Friends With Everyone

    Proof of the friendship and affection you have earned from the people around you. May you continue to spread the joy of camaraderie and receive it in turn.

  • Birth of a Child

    There is so much that goes into raising a child, and just as many questions about what kind of person they will turn out to be. All you can do is give them the love and support they need to be the best person they can be.

  • First Tag-Team Fishing

    Fishing is twice as fun when you have a buddy by your side. Your next big haul awaits.

  • First Tandem Smithing

    Double the blacksmiths, double the concentration needed to pull it off. A plethora of new crafting opportunities await.

  • First Co-op Cooking

    Even the blandest dish tastes better when you make it together! A smorgasbord of new recipes to attempt awaits.

  • One Big Family

    Hard to imagine living the single life with a family like this. Couldn't imagine being more blessed now that there are children in your life.

  • Five Farm Dragons

    You finally have all five farm dragons! Hope the sky isn't too crowded up there now!

  • SEED Rank: Perfect Ranger

    A shining example of a true peacekeeping professional. A person always ready to answer the call of duty, no matter the task. You really are a Perfect Ranger!

  • Bean Toss Contest Stamp

    Where do those failed dishes come flying in from, anyway?

  • Squid Catch Contest Stamp

    Proof you've participated in a Squid Catch Contest. No doubt you had an ink-redible performance!

  • Fish Variety Contest Stamp

    Proof you've participated in a Fish Variety Contest. There is no fish that can escape your hook now...probably.

  • Spring Harvest Festival Stamp

    Proof you've participated in a Spring Harvest Festival. Even if your entry doesn't take first place, it'll always be number one in your heart.

  • Summer Harvest Festival Stamp

    Proof you've participated in a Summer Harvest Festival. Even if your entry doesn't take first place, it'll always be number one in your heart.

  • Autumn Harvest Festival Stamp

    Proof you've participated in an Autumn Harvest Festival. Even if your entry doesn't take first place, it'll always be number one in your heart.

  • Winter Harvest Festival

    Proof you've participated in a Winter Harvest Festival. Even if your entry doesn't take first place, it'll always be number one in your heart.

  • Buddy Battle Stamp

    It's time for your companions to show how much they appreciate the affection you've given them. Let's see what they can really do!

  • Cooking Contest Stamp

    Everyone loves a good cook! You're prime marriage material, I tell ya!

  • Handicraft Contest Stamp

    You're a natural born artisan! At this point, maybe you should just become a blacksmith or something.

  • Tricky Treats Contest Stamp

    A time for grinning pumpkins and children prowling about town for sweets.

  • Eating Contest Stamp

    It may be a contest, but don't forget to chew your food!

  • Snow Brawl Stamp

    With all the snowballs rolling around, be careful that you don't turn into a snowman yourself!

  • Buff-a-Move Stamp

    If your dodging skills aren't up to par, you'll be in a world of hurt when you wake up the day after.

  • Finished the Prologue

    Congratulations on clearing the prologue! Your story is just getting started, so good luck!

  • Finished Chapter 1

    Congratulations on clearing the first chapter! Getting used to life in Rigbarth yet?

  • Finished Chapter 2

    Congratulations on clearing the second chapter! Rigbarth is safe in your capable hands!

  • Finished Rigbarth Maze

    Proof you've cleared the Rigbarth Maze. You truly are number one!

  • Married Priscilla

    Congratulations on getting married! No making Priscilla cry, got that?

  • Married Lucy

    Congratulations on getting married! Here's to you and Lucy staying best friends now and forever.

  • Married Scarlett

    Congratulations on getting married! May you and Scarlett know never-ending happiness together.

  • Married Fuuka

    Congratulations on getting married! May your relationship with Fuuka stay sparkly forever more!

  • Married Beatrice

    Congratulations on getting married! Let Beatrice know you care about her more than anything else in the world!

  • Married Ludmila

    Congratulations on getting married! Just try not to let Ludmila tease you TOO much!

  • Married Martin

    Congratulations on getting married! Show Martin there's more to life out there!

  • Married Cecil

    Congratulations on getting married! It's no mystery that Cecil loves you from the bottom of his heart.

  • Married Murakumo

    Congratulations on getting married! Don't cause too much trouble for Murakumo!

  • Married Ryker

    Congratulations on getting married! Put your faith in Ryker and be sure to live happily ever after.

  • Married Reinhard

    Congratulations on getting married! May you and Reinhard continue to support each other.

  • Married Lucas

    Congratulations on getting married! It won't take a miracle for you and Lucas to live a happy life together.

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