Quest for Infamy Achievements

Here is the full list of all 59 Quest for Infamy achievements.

  • Act 1

    You've finished Act 1 of Quest for Infamy. Hooray!

  • Act 2

    No more working for Rayford!

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  • Act 3

    You Win!

  • You Sneaky Bastard

    You're a Rogue.

  • Basher

    You're a Brigand.

  • Hocus Pocus

    You're a Sorcerer.

  • Working for the Man

    You helped out around the docks of Tyr. For Money.

  • Simply the Best

    You defeated every random monster in the Valley of Krasna.

  • Let there be Light

    Using your brains for a change, as well as some fireflies and a jar, you created light in the swamp.

  • Puzzles are Hard!

    You defeated the puzzle board.

  • The Great Unpicker

    You opened the lock. It really wasn't that hard was it?

  • Perfect!

    You achieved a perfect score in archery.

  • Staked Your Claim

    You attempted to woo Voleris by giving her a really nice dagger.

  • Pitched Your Tent

    You stopped sleeping under the stars and bought a tent to sleep in.

  • Pisshead

    You pissed on the carpet AND the beast! We love you.

  • Thankfully there's a healer nearby

    You thought you were dead for a moment there, but you woke up in Jerrod's feeling much better.

  • Collector of Useless Crap

    You bought the Diamond Tipped Crowbar and the Holy Symbol even though there was no use for them in the game.

  • Pretty Good Sorcerer

    You mastered your spells to a pretty good level. At least they're more powerful now.

  • Kick-Ass Sorcerer

    You maxed out your spells! You really kick some ass.

  • Min / Maxed

    You raised your combat skills to 100. That took a lot of effort so, really, well done you.

  • You Got Coned

    You passed out from drinking and woke up with a traffic cone in your inventory.

  • Beast Master

    You killed the beast. Her name was Johanna if you wanted to know.

  • Sir Chat-A-Lot

    You talked with everyone in Volksville you needed to speak with to progress to the execution.

  • Clock Watcher

    You waited the full 15 minutes just lazing around Volksville and the valley before you went to the execution.

  • Burn Baby Burn

    You burnt down the oak tree in the grasslands just to get an owl feather. We approve.

  • He Deserved It

    You executed Gorth after your fight with him.

  • Toast of the Town

    You showed Gorth some mercy, deciding that killing him was too much.

  • You Found It

    You found the thieves den while travelling the Rogue's path.

  • That's a lot of stuff

    You found and created all the magic spells for Prospero while travelling the Sorcerer's path.

  • Horse Lover

    You found and delivered mastadon to Kurdt, your first real task on the path of the Brigand.

  • Over an apple?

    You killed the farmer just to get an apple from his orchard.

  • Reuniting the Seal

    You gathered the four parts of the Killington seal and locked them together.

  • Good Old Stories

    You met Japsworth and listened to his stories about the Killington family.

  • Reading is fundamental

    You read the books in the library of Tyr and discovered the legacy of the Killingtons.

  • Paying for information

    You paid the hunter to give you information on the moonshiner's whereabouts.

  • Paying with food

    You gave food to the hunter to give you information on the moonshiner's whereabouts.

  • He dropped the moonshine!

    You killed the moonshiner's assistant, probably because he dropped some moonshine.

  • Stop Shaking Me

    You roughed up the moonshiner so he would pay Rayford his due.

  • Break, Rattle and Roll

    You destroyed the moonshiners equipment. He should pay his accounts, even if it is to a bastard like Rayford.

  • A Regular Wilberforce

    You killed the slave trader in his bed.

  • Green is the new white

    Using your dyed green cloak, you managed to get into the Morroi compound.

  • Sewer Rat

    You reached the Morroi compound by trekking through the sewers in the swamp.

  • What's his name again?

    You killed the leader of the Morroi, Uotarragh in hand to multiple hand combat.

  • Blackbird No Longer Singing

    You stole the bird while travelling the path of the Rogue.

  • It's not easy being green

    You completed the necromancer quest, gathering the body parts to help her create her ultimate lover.

  • Kraken Good Times

    You defeated the Kraken in the dwarven mines.

  • You look like a dwarf

    You looted every available container, drum and stash in the mines.

  • You picked ... the easy way

    You took out the caravan while travelling the Brigand's path, but you did it the easy way.

  • You picked ... the hard way

    You took out the caravan while travelling the Brigand's path, and you did it the hard way.

  • I know the way

    You escorted Big D to his destination, as part of your journey on the Brigand's path.

  • Expert Thief

    You broke into all the houses you could.

  • Poor Paw

    You drained Markus' head of it's blood, then came back and stole his brain!

  • Jan loves you

    You convinced Jan to help you get into Tyr and overthrow Rayford.

  • An Arrow through your heart

    You rescued the Tyr's Arrow's during the siege of Tyr, making you job of getting to Rayford a bit easier.

  • A Paladin loves you

    You freed all the prisoners from Rayford's dungeon and they helped you during the siege of Tyr.

  • Friends in high places

    You rescued the council of Tyr and they helped you to retake the city from Rayford and his lackeys.

  • Smoked!

    You used the green smoke bombs you obtained from Jerrod to help get into Tyr.

  • That bastard deserved worse!

    You killed Rayford after you final confrontation with him. He did deserve it after all.

  • Don't mess with a fat man

    Showing mercy to Rayford after your final confrontation with him didn't really matter, because Jan raced in and finished him off anyway.