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Pharaoh: A New Era

Pharaoh: A New Era Achievements

Here is the full list of all 47 Pharaoh: A New Era achievements.

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  • Social Ladder

    Have at least one of each of the 20 levels of houses in your city at the same time

  • Organized Mess

    Reach Palatial Estates with bazaars only distributing one resource at a time

  • This is not Caesar III

    Reach Palatial Estates without ever placing a single roadblock in the city

  • Balanced Diet

    Supply every inhabitant of your city with 4 different types of food (population >5.000)

  • Edifis

    Watch an Architect's Post collapse

  • Bacchanalia

    Throw a lavish festival for the same god every year for 10 years

  • Negoce

    Make 10.000 debens of profit during a single year from trade alone

  • Backyard view

    Have a (finished!) pyramid completely surrounded by houses

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