Party Animals Achievements

Here is the full list of all 93 Party Animals achievements.

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  • Level 100

    Reach Animal Level 100

  • Animal Unlock: 20

    Unlock 20 Characters

  • Outfit Unlocked: 20

    Collect over 20 Outfits

  • Fashionista

    Collect over 30 Outfits

  • Avatar Master

    Unlock 15 avatars

  • Punch In

    Complete 4 weekly challenges in a week

  • Keep On Keeping On

    Complete all weekly challenges during consecutive 3 weeks

  • Yo Man

    Get 1 friend

  • Friends

    Get 10 friends

  • Welcome To The Party

    Finish the Tutorial

  • Nemo For Speed

    Earn a 3-star rating in the Tutorial

  • First Strike

    Win 1 match in the Quick Match

  • 10 Quick Match Wins

    Win 10 matches in the Quick Match

  • I Have A Friend

    Party up and complete 1 Quick Match with friends

  • Give Me Five

    Party up and complete 10 Quick Matches with friends

  • Currahee

    Party up and win 1 Quick Match with friends

  • Band Of Brothers

    Party up and win 10 Quick Matches with friends

  • Hot Shot

    Win 5 consecutive matches in Quick Match

  • The Dream Team

    Party up and win 5 consecutive Quick Matches with friends


    Win 1 Quick Match without been knocked out

  • Piece of Cake

    Win Last Stand Quick Match in exactly 3 rounds

  • Match Point

    Win Last Stand Quick Match in exactly 9 rounds

  • Fight Everywhere

    Win 20 Custom Games in different maps (require more than 6 human players when game ends)

  • Twice The Fun

    Complete 2 Custom Games with multiple local players

  • My Rules

    Complete 1 Custom Game with modified settings

  • Who Did That

    Throw item and knock out 5 opponents as spectator (require more than 6 human players when game ends)

  • Sportsmanship

    Knock out 1 player during the podium moment

  • Who's Laughing Now

    At the moment of taking pictures, be the only one who is not been knocked out

  • Hooray! The Earth's Strongest Animal

    In Ichiban, win 5 Quick Matches

  • Ice Block

    In Ichiban, freeze yourself from being eliminated by the mist and win the round (Quick Match)

  • Sayonara

    In Ichiban, eliminate one opponent by hitting it off the field (Quick Match)

  • Justice Rains From Above

    In Ichiban, jump down from one of the pillars in the middle and knock out any player (Quick Match)

  • Navy OTTERs

    In Typhoon, win 5 Quick Matches

  • Superdry

    In Typhoon, win the game without falling into the water (Quick Match)

  • Case Closed

    In Typhoon, eliminate one opponent by throwing it into the missile hatch (Quick Match)

  • Fireworks

    In Typhoon, grab missle for at least one second for 3 times (Quick Match)

  • Die Hard

    In Broken Arrow, win 5 Quick Matches

  • Touch Down

    In Broken Arrow, survive over 2 min 30 sec in one round (Quick Match)

  • Not Like Pat Roach

    In Broken Arrow, grab one propeller and spin at least one lap then survive (Quick Match)

  • Survivor

    In Winter Is Coming, win 5 Quick Matches

  • Man vs. Wild

    In Winter Is Coming, fall into the hole in the frozen lake and get back to one bonfire (Quick Match)

  • Hot Dog

    In Winter Is Coming, win the game without been frozen (Quick Match)

  • Dog In The Wind

    In Wind Tunnel, win 5 Quick Matches

  • Chill In The Wind

    In Wind Tunnel, win one game without grabbing levers and gates (Quick Match)

  • Dog Behind The Door

    In Wind Tunnel, survive over 45 seconds without been blown by the wind (Quick Match)

  • Wreck-It Ralph

    In Wind Tunnel, survive after all levers were broken (Quick Match)

  • G-Man

    In Blackhole Lab, win 5 Quick Matches

  • The Vortigaunts

    In Blackhole Lab, survive from the 4th black hole without using the chain (Quick Match)

  • Arthur's Dream

    In Blackhole Lab, knock out 1 opponent while floating in the air (Quick Match)

  • Mission: Impossible

    In Blackhole Lab, win the round before the 2nd black hole generates (Quick Match)

  • Waterloo Bridge

    In Beat-Up Bridge, win 5 Quick Matches

  • Peace Elite

    In Beat-Up Bridge, win one game without hitting anyone else (Quick Match)

  • Tarzan

    In Beat-Up Bridge, survive over 20 seconds after main rope break up and win the round (Quick Match)

  • Escape the Gator

    In Gator Valley, win 5 Quick Matches

  • Still Waters

    In Gator Valley, win one round before the 3rd wave (Quick Match)

  • Surfer Dogs

    In Gator Valley, win the game with teammate without falling off the floating bridge (Quick Match)

  • Reservoir Dogs

    In Gator Valley, win one round while in the water with teammate (Quick Match)

  • Ice Dog

    In Ice Breaker, win 5 Quick Matches

  • Jack And Rose

    In Ice Breaker, survive with your teammate to the end of the game (Quick Match)

  • Smooth Operator

    In Ice Breaker, win one Quick Match without falling into the water (Quick Match)

  • Willy Wonka

    In Lollipop Factory, win 5 Quick Matches

  • Less is More

    In Lollipop Factory, win the game by only submitting little gummies (Quick Match)

  • I'm Back

    In Lollipop Factory, climb out of the submission gate (Quick Match)

  • L'arrivée d'un train

    In Fluffy Redemption, win 5 Quick Matches

  • Working Dog

    In Fluffy Redemption, throw 10 coal pieces into the firebox without been eliminated (Quick Match)

  • Biofuels

    In Fluffy Redemption, throw opponents into the firebox 10 times in one game (Quick Match)

  • Dutch's Plan

    In Fluffy Redemption, expierence a team wiped out (Quick Match)

  • Ready Player One

    In Into The Game, win 5 Quick Matches

  • Diamond Merchant

    In Into The Game, score 20 diamonds on your own in one game and win (Quick Match)

  • Gold Rusher

    In Into The Game, score 50 coins on your own in one game and win (Quick Match)

  • Immortal Kombat

    In Into The Game, knock out opponent playing arcade 3 times in one game (Quick Match)

  • Fly Me To The Moon

    In Safely Afloat, win 5 Quick Matches

  • Up

    In Safely Afloat, grab a balloon and float in the air over 60 seconds in one game (Quick Match)

  • Mine Cart Carnage

    In Safely Afloat, push the mine cart off the cliff (Quick Match)

  • Balloon Runner

    In Safely Afloat, score in 30 seconds from the start of the game (Quick Match)

  • Total War

    In Trebuchet, win 5 Quick Matches

  • The Hurt Locker

    In Trebuchet, defuse incoming barrel bombs 10 times in one game (Quick Match)

  • Airline VIP

    In Trebuchet, ride in launched trebuchet 10 times in one game (Quick Match)

  • Thunderbolt

    In Buzz Ball, win 5 Quick Matches

  • Shock Damage

    In Buzz Ball, trigger the buzz ball blast 10 times in one game (Quick Match)

  • 666

    In Buzz Ball, score all the points on your own for your team and win (Quick Match)

  • The Klaw

    In Buzz Ball, score during the last 10 seconds at the 11th round (Quick Match)

  • The Mighty Ducks

    In Beast Hockey, win 5 Quick Matches

  • Perfect Guard

    In Beast Hockey, parry the hockey with a shield for 3 times (Quick Match)

  • Bowling Alley Cat

    In Beast Hockey, hit the hockey and knock out over 2 players and score (Quick Match)

  • Super Bowl

    In Beast Football, win 5 Quick Matches

  • Ball Weapon

    In Beast Football, long pass and knock out opponent (Quick Match)

  • Run Forrest Run

    In Beast Football, touchdown within 15 second (Quick Match)

  • Patte d'Or

    In Beast Soccer, win 5 Quick Matches

  • Hat Trick

    In Beast Soccer, score 3 goals in one game (Quick Match)

  • Roy Makaay

    In Beast Soccer, goal within 10 seconds (Quick Match)