Panzer Panic VR achievements

Panzer Panic VR

There are 68 Panzer Panic VR achievements worth 680

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Panzer Panic VR Achievements

Watery Business10

Unlock the aqua tank skin.

Snappy Delight10

Unlock the Croc tank skin.

Polite Option10

Unlock the Churchill.

Sugar Shock10

Unlock the Candy tank skin.


Unlock the Hippie tank skin.

Rapid Success10

Unlock the L6-40.

Untamed Fire10

Unlock the Hotrod tank skin.

Future is Now10

Unlock the Cyber tank skin.

Uncle Sam's Watchdog10

Unlock the Sherman.

Release the Steam10

Unlock the Steampunk tank skin.

Safe Investment10

Unlock the Goldmember tank skin.

Big Gift10

Unlock the T-34.

Call of Cutie10

Unlock the Cutie tank skin.


Unlock the Papercraft tank skin.

Little Present10

Unlock the R35.

Archaeological Evidence10

Unlock the Neolitank skin.

Unleash the Cow10

Unlock the Cowmooflage skin.

Full House10

Carry all four powerups at the same time with a L6-40.


Collect two powerups of every type in one match with a L6-40.


Collect 10 speed power-ups with a L6-40.


Survive 5 fights in a row with a L6-40.

Small Magpie10

Capture the enemy flag 10 times with a L6-40.

Grave Digger 310

Destroy 10 player tanks with a Churchill.

Unstoppable 210

Win 30 matches with a Churchill.

Fortune-Hunter 210

Reach 50000 score points with a Churchill.

Grave Digger 210

Destroy 5 player tanks with a Churchill.


Destroy 10 mines in a row with a Churchill.

Light Metal10

Destroy 10 small class tanks with a Sherman.

Collector 310

Take 50 powerups of any kind with a Sherman.

Fortune-Hunter 110

Reach 25000 points with a Sherman.

Big Game Hunter10

Destroy the T-34 5 times with a Sherman.

Scrap-Metal Producer10

Destroy the Panzer IV 10 times with a Sherman.

Unstoppable 110

Win 5 matches with a T-34.

Scorer 210

Reach 1500 score points with a T-34.

Grave Digger 110

Destroy 10 player tanks with a T-34.

Living Shield10

Receive 8000 hitpoints with a T-34.

Disarmer 210

Destroy 30 mines with a T-34.

Straight Flush10

Win 5 matches with a R35 in a row.

Armored Dwarf10

Destroy 10 tanks with a R35 and active armor power-up.


Take 10 fire power power-up with a R35.

Heavy Metal10

Destroy 3 heavy class tanks with a R-35.


Return 10 flags with a R35.


Carry flag for more than one minute with a Panzer IV.

Scorer 110

Reach 1000 score points with a Panzer IV.


Destroy 10 enemy tanks with a Panzer IV.

Game Master10

Play 20 matches with a Panzer IV.

Panzer IV Barrel Launcher10

Destroy 5 barrels.

Disarmer 110

Destroy 20 mines.

Grim Reaper 210

Destroy 80 player tanks.

Chameleon 210

Unlock 10 tank skins.


Capture the enemy flag in multiplayer 20 times.

Grim Reaper 110

Destroy 20 player tanks.

Chameleon 110

Unlock 5 tank skins.

Speeded Destroyer10

Destroy 20 tanks with active speed power-up.

Armored Destroyer10

Destroy 20 tanks with active armor power-up.

High Rated Destroyer10

Destroy 20 tanks with active fire rate power-up.

Boosted Destroyer10

Destroy 20 tanks with active fire power power-up.

Magpie 210

Capture the enemy flag 15 times.

Collector 210

Take 30 powerups.

Barrel Launcher 210

Destroy 30 barrels.

Destroyer 210

Destroy 30 enemy tanks.

Nanny 110

Return your flag 5 times after it was stolen.

Magpie 110

Capture the enemy flag 10 times.

Carrier 110

Carry the enemy flag 10 times.

Collector 110

Take 10 powerups.

Barrel Launcher 110

Destroy 10 barrels.

Destroyer 110

Destroy 20 enemy tanks.

Treasure Hunter10

Find the secret in the Tundra arena.