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Oxygen Not Included

Oxygen Not Included Achievements

Full list of all 45 Oxygen Not Included achievements.

The base game contains 35 achievements, and there are 2 DLC packs containing 10 achievements.

  • The Great Escape

    Ensure your colony's legacy by fulfilling the requirements of the Escape Imperative.

  • Home Sweet Home

    Establish your permanent home by fulfilling the requirements of the Colonize Imperative.

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  • Locavore

    Have Duplicants consume 400,000kcal of food without planting any seeds in Planter Boxes, Farm Tiles, or Hydroponic Farms.

  • Carnivore

    Have Duplicants eat 400,000kcal of critter meat before the 100th cycle.

  • Some Reservations

    Improve Duplicant Morale by designating 4 areas as Nature Reserves.

  • No Place Like Clone

    Have at least 20 living Duplicants living in the colony at one time.

  • Turn of the Century

    Reach cycle 100 with at least one living Duplicant.

  • Moovin' On Up

    Find and tame a Gassy Moo.

  • Not 0K, But Pretty Cool

    Reduce the temperature of a building to 6 Kelvin.

  • Super Sustainable

    Generate 240,000kJ of power without using coal, methane, petrol or wood generators.

  • Outdoor Renovations

    Construct a building outside the initial starting biome.

  • Totally Tubular

    Have Duplicants travel 10,000m by Transit Tube.

  • Space Race

    Launch your first rocket into space.

  • And Nowhere to Go

    Have 8 Duplicants wear non-default clothing simultaneously.

  • Get a Room

    Build at least one of each of the following rooms in a single colony: A Nature Reserve, a Hospital, a Recreation Room, a Great Hall, a Bedroom, a Washroom, a Greenhouse and a Stable.

  • One Year, to be Exact

    Reach cycle 365.25 with a single colony.

  • Slick

    Enter an oil biome for the first time.

  • Critter Whisperer

    Find and tame one of every critter species in the world. Default morphs only.

  • To Pay the Bills

    Use a Duplicant's Skill Points to buy out an entire branch of the Skill Tree.

  • Honorary Doctorate

    Unlock every item in the Research Tree.

  • It's Not Raw

    Have a Duplicant eat any cooked meal prepared at an Electrical Grill or Gas Range.

  • Royal Flush

    Replace all the Outhouses and Wash Basins in your colony with Lavatories and Sinks.

  • One Bed One Bath

    Have at least one bed and one toilet for each Duplicant in the colony.

  • Oxygen Not Occluded

    Distribute 1000kg of Oxygen using gas vents.

  • Red Light, Green Light

    Automate a building using sensors or switches from the Automation tab in the Build Menu.

  • Art Underground

    Have a Duplicant with the Masterworks skill paint a Masterpiece quality painting.

  • Job Suitability

    For 10 cycles in a row, have every Duplicant in the colony complete at least one chore while wearing an Exosuit.


Unexplained Traits

37 (8%)
Unexplained Traits
  • Morale High Ground

    Have all Duplicants in a rocket survive in space for 10 cycles in a row with a morale of 25 or higher.

  • That's Rad!

    Run a Research Reactor at full capacity for 5 cycles.


Spaced Out!

58 (100%)
Spaced Out!
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