Nine Parchments Achievements

Here is the full list of all 54 Nine Parchments achievements.

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  • Quite Exciting

    Kill one of the large and scary monsters that tend to guard mystical spell parchments

  • Graduation?

    Complete the game

  • Jack and the Beam Stalk

    Combine beams three times into one beam

  • Arcane Elements

    Possess spells of four different elements in your spellbook

  • Incendiary

    Kill five enemies within ten seconds with the Fire Beam spell

  • Splashing Sparks

    Deal fire damage to eight targets within one second

  • Burn

    Deal at least 1500 damage with a single Fire spell cast

  • Major in Fire

    Possess four different Fire spells in your spellbook

  • Arson

    Kill at least five targets with a single Fire spell cast

  • Magnificent Healing

    Heal for 1000 points in a single fight

  • Help Yourself

    Heal yourself with Heal Barrage, Bouncing Heal, Huge Healball or Healing Beam

  • Being Patient

    Receive 300 points worth of healing from someone else during a single fight

  • Untouchable

    Complete a battle with all players uninjured

  • Clean Hands

    Have five enemies kill each other during one fight

  • Major in Healing

    Possess three different Life spells in your spellbook

  • Tremendously Deadly

    Deal 2000 Death damage during a single fight

  • Death's Domain

    Kill five targets with a single area spell cast

  • Timor Mortis

    Deal at least 2000 damage with a single spell cast

  • Broken Alliances

    Have the monsters or students kill each other at least five times during a single fight

  • The Deadliest Plan

    Win a fight using only Death spells

  • Major in Death

    Possess four different Death spells in your spellbook

  • Everybody Freeze!

    In a single fight, freeze any five targets within one second of each other

  • De-Ranged Frost

    Using only Ice spells, prevent a ranged enemy from attacking with ranged abilities during a fight

  • Biting Cold

    Deal at least 1500 damage with a single Ice spell cast

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