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Mortal Shell

Mortal Shell Achievements

Here is the full list of all 37 Mortal Shell achievements.

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  • Seedbearer

    Return your first seed to Twin Sister

  • True Nektar

    Return all seeds to Twin Sister and break the Virtuous Cycle

  • Fashion Shells

    Unlock all Shell Shades for The Virtuous Cycle

  • Lute Hero

    Max familiarity with all of the game's lutes

  • OP AF

    Acquire 100 instincts in one cycle

  • Change of Heart

    Return a seed with Hadern in The Virtuous Cycle

  • Master of None

    Acquire all 4 weapon Instincts for the Axatana in one cycle

  • No Lifer

    Complete a run in The Virtuous Cycle with the Dark Form Obsidian Shell Shade

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