Monsters and Weapons Achievements

Full list of all 10 Monsters and Weapons achievements.

  • Class Master

    Win the game with every class.

  • Archmage

    Have your inventory completely filled with spellbooks during a run.

  • Steadfast

    Defeat the final boss with more health than you started the fight with.

  • Annihilation

    Defeat 100 monsters in a single run.

  • Solenya

    Die to the butterfly.

  • Old-time

    Win the game 10 times with a class.

  • Experienced

    Reach level 10 during a run.

  • Overheal

    Reach 300 health during a run.

  • Tag-team

    Win two times in a row, using two different classes.

  • Legend

    Win the game in legendary mode.