Mini Metro

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Mini Metro
Mini Metro

Mini Metro Achievements

Full list of all 49 Mini Metro achievements. It takes around 25-30 hours to unlock all of the achievements in the base game on Windows.

The base game contains 26 achievements, and there are 8 DLC packs containing 23 achievements.

  • Oyster

    Deliver 200 passengers in London.

    1 guide
  • Navigo

    Deliver 200 passengers in Paris.

    1 guide
  • Hop

    Deliver 600 passengers in Auckland.

  • Thames Tunnel

    Deliver 1000 passengers in London using no more than one tunnel.

    1 guide
  • City of Lines

    Deliver 1300 passengers in Paris using no more than three lines.

  • Square Times

    Deliver 1600 passengers in New York City with square stations on no more than two lines.

  • The Grey Lokomotive

    Deliver 1000 passengers in Berlin using no more than one locomotive per line.

  • Hong Kong Eights

    Deliver 1100 passengers in Hong Kong with no more than eight stations per line.

  • Ten weeks in Osaka

    Reach week ten in Osaka.

    1 guide
  • Neva the Great

    Deliver 1500 passengers in Saint Petersburg with tunnels on no more than one line.

  • Green and orange and yellow and blue

    Deliver 1600 passengers in Montréal using no more than four lines.

  • São Paulo Grand Prix

    Deliver 1200 passengers in São Paulo using only loops.

  • The City of Six Carriages

    Deliver 1400 passengers in Cairo using no more than one carriage per line.

  • Second Harbour Crossing

    Deliver 1500 passengers in Auckland using no more than two tunnels.

  • myki

    Deliver 300 passengers in Melbourne.

  • Hook Turn

    Deliver 1000 passengers in Melbourne with at least one station connected to all lines.

    1 guide
  • Day trip

    Post a score in a daily challenge.

  • Commuter

    Post a score in the daily challenge every weekday for one week.

    1 guide
Title update: Gamma 13

Gamma 13

0718108 (15%)0-1 h
Gamma 13
Title update: Gamma 15

Gamma 15

069492 (13%)
Gamma 15
  • T-money

    Deliver 500 passengers in Seoul.

  • Seoul Train

    Deliver 1400 passengers in Seoul with tunnels on no more than one line.

  • 交通一卡通

    Deliver 500 passengers in Shanghai.

  • Shanglow? Shanghai!

    Deliver 1200 passengers in Shanghai with at least one station connected to all lines.

Title update: Gamma 20

Gamma 20

063685 (13%)2-3 h
Gamma 20
Title update: Stockholm Update

Stockholm Update

0525156 (30%)0-1 h
Stockholm Update
  • SL Access

    Deliver 500 passengers in Stockholm.

  • Centralen

    Reach week eight in Stockholm with at least one station connected to all lines.

Title update: Singapore Update

Singapore Update

0437133 (30%)0-1 h
Singapore Update
  • EZ-Link

    Deliver 500 passengers in Singapore.

  • Circle Line

    Deliver 1600 passengers in Singapore using no more than one loop.

Title update: Vintage Maps Update

Vintage Maps Update

0749370 (49%)0-1 h
Vintage Maps Update
Title update: Guangzhou Update

Guangzhou Update

2.5013363 (47%)0-1 h
Guangzhou Update
  • 羊城通

    Deliver 500 passengers in Guangzhou.

  • City of Rams

    Deliver 1500 passengers in Guangzhou with tunnels on no more than one line.

Title update: Barcelona Update

Barcelona Update

014981 (54%)0-1 h
Barcelona Update