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MacGuffin's Curse

MacGuffin's Curse Achievements

Here is the full list of all 15 MacGuffin's Curse achievements.

  • Sneaky Thief

    Steal the Lupine Twine Amulet from the Museum of Myths and Mysteries.

  • Fixated

    Really get to know Detective Strump.

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  • Explorer

    Fill in all quick travel locations on your map.

  • Postal Hassler

    Really scrutinise the apartment's post box.

  • Honourary Mayor

    Inspect the Mayor's office.

  • Junkyard Dog

    Defeat Grim in his lair, deep in the Junkyard.

  • Sleuth

    Give Judy enough evidence to get her a great scoop on Alphonse.

  • Showdown

    Sniff out Alphonse and defeat him once and for all!

  • Super Sleuth

    Find every possible piece of evidence on Alphonse for Judy.

  • Obsessive Collector

    Discover more of Feyre's picturesque history.

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