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MADNESS: Project Nexus

MADNESS: Project Nexus Achievements

Full list of all 52 MADNESS: Project Nexus achievements.

The base game contains 38 achievements, and there is 1 DLC pack containing 14 achievements.

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Legacy of the S-3LF Eater

6 (10%)
Legacy of the S-3LF Eater
  • B*O*N*K

    Two besties put their heads together in an attempt to defeat you.

  • Origin Collector

    You've imprinted your Arena character with every available origin!

  • Take a Load Off

    It's a really big load.

  • Nothing Good On

    Found something more important to do than save all of Nevada.

  • Maximum Headquarters

    Fully upgraded all your base.

  • Nerdgun

    Deck out a Magiturge wand with an attachment in every location.

  • Dye Trying

    Swap those grey duds for a colorful new getup at the colorizer.

  • New You

    Give yourself a bangin' new look at the loft mirror.

  • Make it Reign

    Complete a Heist mission at Madness difficulty and let those sweet, sweet tokens spill.

  • Hello?

    Doc, are you there?

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