Last Hope - Tower Defense Achievements

Full list of all 27 Last Hope - Tower Defense achievements.

  • A New Hope

    Become the savior of the wasteland.

  • Caveman

    The Stone spirit has been summoned!

  • Gravedigger

    The reign of terror might be finally over!

  • Arena Champion

    You are the toughest zombie fighter out there!

  • Ape Business

    Slay the evil zombie gorilla attacking the village.

  • La Flama Blanca

    Take down the great white vulture roaming the sky.

  • Trucker Stop

    Take control over the highway and get rid of the maggot puking trucker.

  • The Hatmaker

    End the reign of the Raider boss who attacked the camp.

  • The Boss

    Kill the dark hooded creature you've been hunting.

  • Mother Nature

    Bow before me zombies as I make the earth crumble.

  • Wrath of the Ancestors

    Grandma and Grandpa, strike those zombies!

  • Electrocution

    Turn up the watts and fry the zombie brain circuits!

  • Go Bigger

    If a small turret won't work, try a big one!

  • Sniper

    Take out a target from far away, making them head pop!

  • Mr.Barbarian

    He is tall, handsome and ready to rock & roll!

  • Wasteland Explorer

    He is not only capable of acting in the shadows.

  • Gun Crazy

    Equipped with homemade armor, mines and shoguns.

  • The Law

    Let the justice decide the fate of the zombies.

  • Medic!

    Who is in need of both firepower and healing?