6. Just Cause 3 Liberation

Liberating all points doesn't really require much of a guide, but here are a few pointers and strategies.

The approach in which you decide to liberate the points matters quite a bit. Waiting till the end of the story to liberate most of the map will leave you with few gears to obtain for the story. On the other hand, if you felt like liberating Insula Fonte before finishing Act 1, the rest of Act 1 will be incredibly easy, and you will have access to tons of challenges and Mods right off the bat; you could also continue this process for the other Acts. I consider this the best strategy, because you'll be more than ready to tackle the story after honing your skills on Gear Challenges.

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There are three CentComs on the map, discovered automatically like Manaea and Vis Electra, that are large military bases. Don't approach these just yet, because they will rain hellfire on you from above. Even if you keep going back to these three locations after dying from the barrages (you will die from those eventually) and liberate the place, the missiles will STILL come down on you. The only way to stop these missiles from continuing their attack is to progress in the story to where the mission reward is the halting of the strikes. The FOW of Insula Dracon will not be a problem for you unless you're in a vehicle, so you can liberate it whenever you want (but you won't be able to do the Destruction Frenzy located there until the FOW is turned off).

You should be able to fast travel to any discovered location (government controlled or liberated) or any challenge. Liberating a province will reveal the collectibles in that province on the map, and will allow you to fast travel for free as long as the starting point is from a liberated province. Liberating all provinces of a region will unlock the achievement for that specific region.

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