Jurassic World Evolution Achievements

Full list of all 73 Jurassic World Evolution achievements.

The base game contains 54 achievements, and there are 4 DLC packs containing 19 achievements.

Title update: The Secrets of Dr Wu

The Secrets of Dr Wu

06332 (51%)
The Secrets of Dr Wu
Title update: Update 1.6

Update 1.6

022919 (8%)
Update 1.6
Add-on: Claire's Sanctuary

Claire's Sanctuary

0469 (20%)
Claire's Sanctuary
  • A new home

    Complete challenge mode on Sanctuary in under 8.5 hours (hard difficulty or above)

  • John Hammond's dream

    Reach 5 stars on Sanctuary

  • Green thumb

    Reach 1500 paleobotany welfare bonus on a single island

  • Executive treatment

    Eliminate all disease on Nublar North using a manually controlled Ranger Team

  • Sharp focus

    Complete the photography contract on Nublar North

Add-on: Return To Jurassic Park

Return To Jurassic Park

03410 (29%)
Return To Jurassic Park