Jump King

Jump King

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Jump King Achievements

Here is the full list of all 48 Jump King achievements.

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  • Jump Squire

    You have much to learn... (1000 Jumps)

  • Jump Knight

    You are a seasoned jumper. (10 000 Jumps)

  • Jump Lord

    My lord is a true veteran in the art of jumping! (20 000 Jumps)

  • Talkative

    You have heard a taste of the old man's wisdom. (Listen to Old Man 10 times)

  • Apprentice of the Pond-Sage

    You have heard all that the old man has to teach. (Listen to Old Man 40 times)

  • Meditations

    Hear the advice of the hermit on the mountain. (Listen to Hermit 10 times)

  • Barter

    Each man has his price? (Talk to the merchant 4 times)

  • Jump King

    Reach the top.

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