Ion Assault

Ion Assault


Ion Assault Achievements

Full list of all 18 Ion Assault achievements.

  • Triumph

    Completed the single player campaign.

  • Hyperspeed

    Finished a stage in less than 90 seconds.

  • Battleship

    Destroy five asteroids at once.

  • Destroyer

    Destroy seven asteroids at once.

  • Abstinence

    Complete a regular stage without collecting a single Power-Up.

  • Untouchable

    Complete a whole sector without dying once.

  • Payoff

    Score exceeds 500,000 points (Campaign).

  • Jackpot

    Score exceeds 1,500,000 points (Campaign).

  • Survivor

    Survive 3 stages in a row without losing a life.

  • Field Medicine

    Get two extra-lives with a single score upload.