Interstellaria Achievements

Here is the full list of all 28 Interstellaria achievements.

  • A New Start

    You've taken control of a single crewmen. Now to build up to fleet!

  • Crash Landing

    You've fought a very powerful alien vessel, and lost.

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  • You've Escaped

    You're alone in the galaxy. Find help!

  • Tutorial Complete

    You've completed the tutorial, now upgrade your starmap to unlock all available planets!

  • Interstellaria Acquired

    Hey, it's the Interstellaria! So that's what it is!

  • All Alone

    Adventure onto a planet without other crewmen. Maybe your crewmen has the illusion of free will?

  • Hired A Robot

    Robots listen to orders. They can't carry guns or armor. No understanding between the hand and brain without hearts as mediators.

  • Cargo Runner

    You have $200,000dy liquid cash. You've made enough money to dream of electric sheep

  • Bought an Item

    Trading is the most lucrative method of getting money!

  • Bought New Ship

    Your new crib is mad fly

  • Abductor: defeated!

    Abduuuctoooorssss!! You've taken one on in person, and lived!

  • Nomad Defeated!

    You've beaten a stereotypical villain, but what was his motivation?

  • The Truth

    You've uncovered a terrible truth

  • Ruins Explored

    Found an ancient slab

  • Clean Up

    You've aided in an important clean up!

  • Big Teeth

    You've aided another race in their cause

  • Assassination

    Your action may have changed the course of the future.

  • Odd Plans

    We've found an important world to the enemy. Where will it lead us?

  • Forgotten Ground

    Find a hidden sector of space.

  • Branded

    You've met with a shady character.

  • A Strange Place and a Strange Man

    You've traveled to an odd planet, and found important information.

  • A Showdown

    You took on a big enemy.

  • Award Claimed!

    You've stopped the abductions, and claimed the $1,000,000dy reward!

  • Parasite

    A crewmen has made a new friend. For life.

  • 3v1

    Take on 3 ships with 1, and win!

  • Holy Armor

    Leave combat with less than 1 armor

  • Still Alive

    Return to space from a planet with less than or equal to 1 health left

  • Clear Victory

    Take on multiple ships without taking any damage