Ignite Achievements

Here is the full list of all 28 Ignite achievements.

  • Racer

    Win a Race event. (Campaign mode)

  • Recharger

    Win a Run Out event. (Campaign mode)

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  • Last Man standing

    Win a Knockout event. (Campaign mode)

  • Careerist

    Win the Campaign mode. (Campaign mode)

  • Perfectionist

    Win at least one Race with all cars. (Campaign mode)

  • True Ignite fan

    Win all Gold medal. (Campaign mode)

  • Reversi

    Go through the finish line reversed, and win a Race. (Campaign mode)

  • Spin along

    Drift your car through the finish line and win a Race. (Campaign mode)

  • Collector

    Collect 50.000 points during a Race. (Campaign mode)

  • Skimpy

    Win a Race without using nitro. (Campaign mode)

  • Spender

    Win a Race with burning all your score. (Campaign mode)

  • Antiscratch

    Win a Race without crasing into the wall. (Campaign mode)

  • Friendly

    Win a Race without hitting any opponents. (Campaign mode)

  • Deviant

    Win a Race with hitting all opponents. (Campaign mode)

  • Dodge lover

    Win a Race without hitting any objects. (Campaign mode)

  • Professional

    Win 5 Races in a row. (Campaign mode)

  • Last Guy

    Be the last in the Summary 10 times.

  • CueBall

    Crash into the wall 500 times.

  • Deficit

    Gain 5000 minus points without a break during a Race.

  • Roadblock hunter

    Collect 2000 points by hitting the objects without a break.

  • Ice Skater

    Collect 4000 points by drifting your car.

  • Spinning wheels

    Gain 100 'Drift King' title.

  • Master of Destruction

    Gain 100 'Demolition Man' title.

  • Drift King

    Earn 3 'Drift King' title in a row.

  • Demolition Man

    Earn 3 'Demolition Man' title in a row.

  • Afterburner

    Drive a lap with continuously burning nitro.

  • Community

    Play a Race against 4 human opponents. (Multiplayer mode)

  • Champion

    Win 5 times in a row. (Multiplayer mode)