Heart's Medicine - Hospital Heat Achievements

Full list of all 21 Heart's Medicine - Hospital Heat achievements. It takes around 12-15 hours to unlock all of the achievements on Windows.

  • Connor

    You completed your internship at the pediatrics department!

  • Ruth

    You completed your internship in pathology!

  • John

    You completed the burn unit flashback!

  • Chance

    You completed your internship at the maternity ward!

  • Sophia

    You completed your internship at the Intensive Care!

  • Sam

    You completed your internship in psychiatry!

  • Ryan

    You collected all the diamonds in the game!

  • Mathilda

    You earned 3 stars in each story level!

  • Daniel

    You bought all the upgrades in every department!

  • Victor

    You filled up every spot where a patient could stand, sit or lie down, and had at least one person standing at the checkout desk!

  • Oliver

    You found every Oliver in every story level!

  • Princess

    You walked 40000 yards!

  • Quinn

    You finished all bonus levels with at least one diamond!

  • Jenny

    You restocked 250 items!

  • Mason

    You earned 250 hearts in mini games!

  • Little Girl

    You checked out 600 patients with golden hearts!

  • Robin

    You got 200 quick checkout bonuses!

  • Ruth’s Mom

    You used the heart booster stations to earn 200 hearts!

  • Michael

    You had an item on your tray before someone asked for it!

  • Janitor

    Completed all “clean up” tasks in the game!

  • Allison

    Got all other trophies!