Hazardous Space Achievements

Full list of all 76 Hazardous Space achievements.

  • BloodFist

    Deal 5 critical hits to 1 enemy during one walkthrouth

  • Powder Fanatic

    Shoot with gun with bullets during 10 battles in a row

  • Lazer Fanatic

    Shoot with gun without bullets during 10 battles in a row

  • Unstoppable

    Deal 100 critical hits

  • Zeus

    Stay in overload for 25 turns with all equiped modules, for one walkthrough

  • Bouncer

    Kill 10 stunned enemies

  • Big Guy

    Save up 2000 healthpoints

  • Trickster

    Dodge 3 times in a row, during one walkthrough

  • Sniper

    Hit enemy in head 100 times

  • Mighty Man

    Finish one location with more than 90% of health during walkthrough