Haunted Memories Achievements

Here is the full list of all 16 Haunted Memories achievements.

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  • I'm Noob!

    We are all noobs at the begining

  • I'm Gamer!

    Beat NORMAL difficulty.

  • I'm Paranormal!

    Beat PARANORMAL difficulty.

  • Haunter

    Finish COLLECTOR episode below 1 hour and don't use typewriters.

  • Ghost

    Finish COLLECTOR episode below 30 minutes and don't use typewriters.

  • Visioner

    Find all U-Vision secrets.

  • Cursed Man

    Get killed before GreenPark entrance.

  • Suicider

    Commit a suicide.

  • Cat

    Beat COLLECTOR episode without flashlight and don't pick up any batteries.

  • House Keeper

    Enter second floor at Green Inn.

  • Rat

    Find the lowest point in GreenPark.

  • Bat

    Find the highest point in GreenPark.

  • Powerless

    Enter PowerStation building in episode 1.

  • Ass

    Miss last scrap just before game ending in episode 1.