Harvest: Massive Encounter Achievements

Full list of all 25 Harvest: Massive Encounter achievements.

  • Dogfight

    Killed an alien in mid-air.

  • Bomb Launch

    Launched an Overcharged Energy Link and killed at least 5 aliens.

  • Master Industry

    Had at least 50 active harvesters at the same time in Normal game mode.

  • Pure Blood

    Beat Rush game mode on any planet without losing a single building.

  • Hero

    Accumulated 1000 or more kills with a single Defense Tower.

  • Exploration

    Expanded the map considerably, on any planet.

  • Excursion

    Expanded the map considerably, on all planets.

  • Time Is Money

    Had 20 or more active harvesters before level 11.

  • Golden Web

    Had 50 or more over-heated Energy Links at the same time.

  • Massive Encounter

    Launched all 10 waves at the same time and survived.

  • Master Blaster

    Killed 20 or more aliens with a single overcharged Energy Link.

  • Humoungus Laser Beam

    Has linked 100 or more Defense Towers.

  • Phoenix Rising

    Defeated a wave before 15 minutes have passed.

  • Perfect Wave

    Defeated a wave without losing a single building.

  • Wicked Awesome

    Has been awarded all other achievement awards!