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Hand of Fate 2

Hand of Fate 2 Achievements

Full list of all 99 Hand of Fate 2 achievements.

The base game contains 76 achievements, and there are 3 DLC packs containing 23 achievements.

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  • Grifter

    Got Huge Success in 10 Wheel Gambits.

  • Jack of all Trades

    Got Success or Huge Success in a Chance, Pendulum and Wheel Gambit in a single challenge attempt.

  • Dice Master

    Won 5 Dice Gambits in a single challenge attempt.

  • Magician

    Unlocked The Magician companion card.

  • Hero

    Unlocked The Hero companion card.

  • Ally

    Unlocked The Ally companion card.

  • Rebel

    Unlocked The Rebel companion card.

  • Ninja

    Completed 3 combats while taking no damage, in a single challenge attempt.

  • Money Bags

    Had 200 Gold on completing Hierophant.

  • Unburdened

    Completed the Star challenge without any Curses.

  • Focused

    Killed 5 or more enemies with a single artefact attack.

  • Devil Dice

    Rolled three 6s during a Dice gambit.

  • Master of Arms

    Completed a combat in under 15 seconds.

  • Karma

    Killed an Assassin with the Reaper's Arrow.

  • Combat Ready

    Completed a challenge with one of each equipment type that you gained during the challenge.

  • Close Shave

    Won a combat with less than 10 health remaining.

  • Cursed Soul

    Possessed 7 Curses at once.

  • Swordsman

    Killed multiple enemies with a single Weapon Ability from a One-Handed weapon.

  • Champion

    Killed multiple enemies with a single Weapon Ability from a Heavy weapon.

  • Flurry of Fury

    Killed multiple enemies with a single Weapon Ability from a pair of Light weapons.

  • Stuffed Potato

    Completed the Lover's challenge with Oswin fully healed.

  • Broken Heart

    Defeated Oswin's Lover.

  • Draknar's Bane

    Defeated Draknar the Mighty.

  • Thomas' Bane

    Defeated Thomas in combat.

  • Swashbuckler

    Completed 20 Trials in a single challenge attempt.

  • Daredevil

    Completed 10 Adventures in a row without refusing a Trial.

  • Supply Mule

    Possessed 40 Equipment cards at once.

  • Lord of Sorrow

    Accepted 25 Curses from the Keeper of Sorrows in a single challenge attempt.

  • Saint

    Sacrificed 30 Blessings.

  • Humble Spirit

    Offered 50 Equipment to the gods.

  • Pupil

    Completed an Endless run with 1000 or more Endless Points.

  • Game Master

    Completed an Endless run with 25000 or more Endless Points.

  • Fused

    Fused first Token from Token Shards.

  • Memories Restored

    Fused 10 Tokens from Token Shards.

  • Blood Pact

    Unlocked the Servant gold challenge token.

  • Locked and Loaded

    Unlocked the Haunted companion card.

  • Endless Hunter

    Completed an Endless Adventure's attempt with Keturah and scored 6,000 or more Endless Points.

  • Wanted

    Completed 10 faction bounties using Keturah's campfire ability.

  • Dead or Alive

    Completed 5 named bounties using Keturah's upgraded campfire ability.

  • Bleeding Edge

    Caused Bleed to 50 enemies in combat.

  • Marksman

    Defeated 25 Enemies with Crossbow or Gun Artefacts in combat.

  • Warranted Reward

    Fused the Bounty Shards and unlock the Token.


Outlands and Outsiders

30 (19%)
Outlands and Outsiders

Endless Mode

33 (30%)
Endless Mode

The Servant and the Beast

30 (25%)
The Servant and the Beast
  • Blood Pact

    Wielded the Blood Crescent.

  • Uneasy Alliance

    Completed the Servant challenge.

  • Lord of Shadow

    Unlocked the Lord companion card.

  • Shadow Run

    Completed an Endless Adventures attempt with Veles and scored over 7,000 or more Endless Points.

  • Into Darkness

    Revealed 30 Encounters using Veles' campfire ability.

  • Stranger's Hunger

    Had Veles finish 25 enemies affected by Knockdown.

  • Unleashed

    Completed 8 combats while Veles has Blood Madness.

  • Liberator

    Freed 5 Gnomes from 10 Goblin Chiefs.

  • Crucible

    Completed Grobben's Training encounter and win the Shadow Shard.

  • Bright Light

    Defeated 50 Shadows in combat.

  • Shadow Agent

    Fused the Shadow Shards and unlocked the Token.

  • Humble Servant

    Completed the Servant challenge with Disciple's Guise helm equipped.

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