Gunlocked Achievements

Full list of all 48 Gunlocked achievements.

  • Sidestepper

    Anytime after the 2-minute mark, go 1 minute without taking damage.

  • Ship of Theseus

    Use the auto-repair powerup to repair 2000 shield power across all games.

  • Beetle Mania

    Kill 64 scarabs across all games.

  • Jewelry Box

    Collect 9001 gems across all games.

  • Bug Zapper

    Destroy 3000 enemy ships across all games.

  • My Final Deform

    Defeat any boss in their final form.

  • Megatons of Damage

    Deal 500,000 damage across all games.

  • Upgrade Complete

    Upgrade a single weapon to max level.

  • Master At Arms

    Upgrade 4 weapons to max level in a single game.

  • Rock Collector

    Destroy 100 asteroids across all games.

  • Unluck-E

    Get EMP'd by enemies, 13 times.

  • Gunstoppable

    Defeat any boss without taking damage.

  • King Me

    Defeat a Hive Queen boss 9 times across all games.

  • Back It Up

    Beat any zone with a level 5+ Backdraft

  • Clean Up Crew

    Clear 20 shields with the disruptor in a single game

  • Shelled

    Destroy 9 Mite class ships before they leave their asteroids in the Rachni Belt in a single game

  • Bulldozer

    Knock back 150 enemies with the force effects in a single game

  • Kill It With Fire

    Apply a burn debuff to 2000 enemies across all games

  • SSJ3

    Equip 3 symbionic upgrades in a single game.

  • Ley Up

    Trigger 99 leymines in a single game

  • Hadou-Can-Do

    Damage 250 ships with the Rupture Wave in a single game

  • Evil Kineto

    Keep the same kinetoshield active for 1 minute any time after 10:01 on the game timer.

  • Warchest

    Collect 30,000 gems in a single game

  • Sharpshooter

    Trigger spotting scope 100 times in a single game

  • Quick Draw

    Equip 4 weapons before fighting the first boss

  • M.I.A.

  • No Touching

    Become invulnerable for 240 seconds in a single game

  • Book Worm

    Complete research on 10 other Augments.

  • High Roller

    Reroll 30 times across all games

  • Reticull

    Lock on to 12 targets at one time with the Gunlock

  • Drone Collector

    Beat the game with 3 drones equipped in any zone

  • The Lock Don

    Lock on to 5000 enemies with the Gunlock across all games played

  • For the Hoard

    Collect 1,000,000 gems across all games played

  • Trial Run

    Beat any zone with at least 1 trial equipped

  • Mad Lad

    Beat any zone with all 4 challenge rating 1 trials equipped

  • Trial by Jury

    Complete any zone with a total difficulty of 12+

  • Aces Hive

    Beat the Apoid Colony zone with a total difficulty of 30+ in a trial run

  • Stingking Hard

    Beat the Rachni Belt zone with a total difficulty of 30+ in a trial run

  • Stunning

    Beat any zone with at least 2 electric weapons equipped

  • Surge Protector

    Damage 2500 enemies with Static Surge across all games played

  • Power Play

    Trigger 30+ powerup effects in a single game

  • Power Through

    Beat a game in any zone with Power Cell and Supply Depot augments, the Static Surge weapon, and the Recyler utility equipped

  • Flight Crew

    Unlock 6 different pilots

  • Flying Aces

    Achieve victory in any zone with 7 different pilots

  • Moth-R-Load

    Beat the Lepi Sector with a total difficulty of 30+

  • One True King

    Beat The Rachni Belt with the trials Many Tanks, The Swarm, and The Deep End activated

  • War Hero

  • War Zero