Gods Trigger

Gods Trigger

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Gods Trigger

Gods Trigger Achievements

Here is the full list of all 41 Gods Trigger achievements.

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  • Keep the Change

    Kill 30 enemies with a deflected bullet using the upgraded Divine Shield ability.

  • Time Bandit

    Freeze 6 enemies in time simultaneously using the Time Freeze ability.

  • Use the Force

    Smash 10 enemies against the wall with the upgraded Holy Push ability.

  • The Holy Bubble

    Catch 30 enemies in a trap using the Time Bubble ability.

  • Telekiller!

    Kill 5 enemies with Judy's upgraded teleport ability.

  • Hold the Door!

    Kill 5 enemies by knocking out doors with Harry's upgraded dash ability.

  • Sure Shot

    Kill 3 enemies with a single sniper bullet in chapter III level 4.

  • Deadly Silence

    Kill all enemies in chapter IV level 1.

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